Everybody Outranks the Temp

They say school prepares students before they enter the adult working world, but I’m not so sure if my school did a good job any more. I really, really don’t get it. Like, really.

At work, somebody would actually call me on the phone so I’d have to spend 10 seconds to walk over to their cubicle, then 3 minutes listening to them explain what I should do, 1 minute to go over the instructions, another 1 minute to confirm that I indeed understood what they said, and 10 seconds to go back to my cubicle. The task itself, took no more than 15 seconds. They could well have done it themselves.

I had asked about it very indirectly, thinking maybe they spent so much time educating me was for a possible future follow up or similar situations. “Nah, it’s a one-off thing. You probably won’t need to do it ever again.

So maybe it’s because they wanted to remind me that they’re the boss of me. Ah, that would also explain why they’d ask me to put this little thing in somebody’s office when they were already more than half way at it; and calling me on the phone to ask me to print this document for them when they’re a mere metre away from their printer; and emailing me to email people about something they already typed.

Uh, welcome to the real world?






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  1. shekills Avatar

    I guess that’s the kind of stuff that happens at work. If they’re more senior than you, they order you around even though they can easily do the tasks themselves.

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