She Who Perspires and Blames the Cat

Wanting to be known as the one-of-a-kind girl who didn’t mind getting wet — as in, you know, sweating and walking in the blazing sun or the rain — I had let rain and sweat collect a little on my face as I was rushing to work in the drizzle yesterday morning. I was sure I looked cool… no, hot… no, sweaty-cool, until I said “good morning” to the first colleague I met face to face in the restroom.

Not only did she not greet me back, her mouth also twisted into an odd shape as if reflecting something obscure she saw. I turned to the mirror: instead of the cool anime-esque sweat drop(s) I’d expected, I saw huge, round, shiny, non-anime beads of sweat sitting and only sitting on my nose and upper lip. No wonder…

I quickly splashed water all over my face, and noticed that the woman was still staring. In the pathetic attempt to distract her before heading out, I curled my lips into a cool smirk (which I hope was indeed a cool smirk; I didn’t check the mirror) and threw a one-handed Ocelot hand gesture at her — the latter a total slip-up, mind you.

Ocelot's hand gesture
Ocelot’s hand gesture

Now they probably think I’m more than just a freak who sweats excessively on some parts of the face. Damn you, Ocelot.

Really, though, if my ginormous hips and thighs were the undesirable traits from my paternal side, then my sweaty nose and upper lip must be those from Mummy Dear’s. The fact that antiperspirants aren’t usually designed for the face doesn’t help either…






20 responses to “She Who Perspires and Blames the Cat”

  1. andrea brightside Avatar

    Reading your blog was quite enjoyable for me. Not like the “HAHA LET’S LAUGH AT OTHERS’ MISFORTUNE!” type thing, but like, … I like your style.

    *hug* That sucks about the sweat. Maybe I’ll help you invent a facial aniperspirant. lol.


  2. you rawk Avatar

    LOL, okay i had those big beady sweat drops before and boy i looked weird. And the ocelot’s hand gesture is hilarious.

  3. Kavitha Avatar

    Henceforth, I too shall seek refuge in the Ocelot gesture. Atleast, that shall leave those grimacing at my face something to think and be confounded about.

    But dudette, antiperpirants never work! For any part of the body. bigsmile

  4. aliceoncewas Avatar

    What a rude woman! I would have said Hi and had a nice chat with you if it were me smile I must remember that gesture lol

  5. kriss Avatar

    Try some face powder, it’ll help you look dewy as opposed to just having a wet face. How rude of that woman to keep staring at you; you should have told her she had a booger on her face or something, haha.

  6. x ellen Avatar

    XD~ I find that uber funny. Sorry! @_@ Anyways hope the rest of the day turned out okay for you. x3

  7. nyx Avatar

    When at a loss for words.. gesture! LOL

    Though admittedly I would love for more everyday antics to appear with the amusing anime quality. It’s a shame it rarely happens.

  8. Kaisa Avatar

    Gah, I’ve inherited my easily sweating face from my Mother uneasy More than once have a considered putting some antiperspirant all over my face smile

  9. jmail nbx Avatar

    Yeah… sweating mortifies me. Like, I didn’t use to have a problem at all, but because I do a lot of exercise, I guess my body’s gotten really efficient at it? (ugh… sucks big time though) So I understand. It can feel terribly embarrassing, but really, don’t sweat it! (pun-tastic!) I mean, most people consider sweating and such quite a natural, human thing to do- they’ve done it, they’ve seen people do it… unless your colleagues are really awful, I’m sure they won’t hold it against you. In any case, minor stuff like that isn’t something people are likely to remember anyway. (no one would say “Oh, guess who I saw sweating in the bathroom today!”)

    So hey… you obviously have a freaking cool sweating talent. I’m sure not that many people saw you or even care about it. Don’t fret smile

  10.  Avatar

    hello sweatie wink

  11. C Bailey Avatar

    Awww, that is the worst thing that could ever happen, I dread it happening when I’m at work, our air conditioning is always broken and with working in a coffee shop, well, things like that happen alot. Still, if your attitude was as cool as it seemed to be, she might think you a little strange, but might be intimidated enough not to make mean facial expresssions anymore bigsmile

  12. sorchaxoxo Avatar

    lmao aww tats so disatorus!
    but at least you can laugh about it! i bet the gesture looked cool!
    well just say it looked cool!

  13. kathleengarcia Avatar

    aww, that’s rude of the woman!
    bet the gesture looked cool, lol

  14. kxia  Avatar

    What that woman did was rude. The Ocelot hand gesture. Cool. Haha. smile

  15. krissytjnp Avatar

    That sucks, but I would have given the co-worker a peice of my mind! Everyone sweats! Growl.

    Just do what I do, wipe your face off even if you dont think theres much sweat on you.

  16. blisters stalk her Avatar

    What an asshole of a woman

  17. snickersmonster Avatar

    That was really rude of that woman. I’ve never felt cool when I’m sweaty and wet, but maybe that’s just me. hehe

  18. nailpainted Avatar

    Haha, oh my. That made me laugh. That woman was a but rude to stare at you like that after all everyone sweats. I like that Ocelot gesture. Very rad.

  19. candy Avatar

    LMAO. Hahaha that was funny. I would have NEVER thought to do a hand gesture like that, I probably would have just given her a dirty look and walked away. *saves picture of hand gesture in head*

    Fun reading your blog, I will most definatly visit again.

  20. angel Avatar

    I really cannot stand people like that. It’s like she thinks she’s better then you just because she doesn’t sweat. Please. What she needs to realize is guys are more attracted to girls who aren’t afraid to get down and dirrty and I give you praise for handling the situation the way you did.

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