Alive and Kicking

In the country of frequent droughts and no long showers; of crazy magpies that make noises like little kids in distress; of much overpriced non-unmetred broadband internet access; of toilet water that twirls counterclockwise (still pending confirmation); where somebody is supposed to get her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from a university plus a girlfriend and live happily ever after in the end — Australia — Vickie, surviving with the help from family friends, not making many new friends, currently renting from family friends’ friends’ friends… wow, I’ve lost track of what I originally wanted to blog about.

P.S. My cheap cereal looks like hamster food, but it’s oh-so yummy, with a tinge of freedom! bigsmile






3 responses to “Alive and Kicking”

  1. Jenny Avatar

    aww you sound so lonely. i hope you find some uber awesome friends soon! but in the meantime, raid some classrooms and yell out “WHO WANTS TO PARTY!!” lol

  2. kathy Avatar

    Awwh, hopefully you end up doing well, not that you aren’t already. =) I think it’s good that you’re working on your Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, so even if you have to rent from a lot of people, it’s worth it. =)

  3. sara Avatar

    Good luck on the Bach and masters.. and the finding a girlfriend part wink until then, just show up at random parties! im sure youll make friends faster then you can say MONSTERKILL!

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