During BIOS1162

Lecturer: Remember, no sandals or thongs in practical classes. Everything must be covered up.
Vickie (only half paying attention, suddenly alert): But… how do you even know if somebody is wearing a thong?!
Girl next to Vickie: Erm, thong shoes, maybe?

Oh. Ohhhh!






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  1. Dee Avatar

    ‘Thongs’ in Australia almost exclusivley refers to the shoes, while the undergarment is called a g-string.

    You’re not the first one it’s casued worry to. lol (Though my favourite expression to scare non-British tourists with is still, “Can I bum a fag off you, mate?”)

    1. Vickie Avatar

      But but but thongs and g-strings are different, like the abbr and acronym tags! </geek> Oh well, more things to get used to. tongue

      1. Dee Avatar

        … really? I admit I did not know that. mindblown-alt What is the difference?

  2. Jenny Avatar

    hehe i totally would have asked the same question!

  3. James Avatar

    Ahahaa. Vickie. Getting used to Australian culture. How funnny. That made me laugh quite a bit ^_^

  4. Melissa Avatar

    I wouldn’t be able to deal with that class. I only wear flip-flops or sandles so yeah.

    Good question though, I bet the class got a good laugh! hehe

  5. Constance Avatar

    As far as I know, g-string is a pantie that shows (I don’t know how to explain it, English isn’t my mother tongue) most of your but, like a very narrow backside. Meanwhile a thong is only a “thread” on the backside.
    Hmmm…I don’t know if that is clear or makes any sense…

  6. twinblader sora Avatar

    Oh, I see you like L2 too!

    I don’t think we play on the same server, but it’s nice to meet more L2 fans. bigsmile

    Love the layout, by the way and nice site. ^^

    Thong shoes…? That makes no sense to me. :S

  7. Lizzie Sparky Avatar

    LOL thats funny with the “thongs” I dont usually wear them though..

  8. Vickie Avatar

    Heh, I think Constance had it the wrong way round. A thong has a slightly thicker back whereas a g-string is literally just a string. Thongs are more comfortable + better-looking, methinks.

    I could post pictures of my own thongs and the one g-string I have for comparison, but I don’t suppose anyone would be interested. tongue

  9. nu frailty Avatar

    The site looks awesome in IE. However, in firefox (my predominant browser) you can only see a blue square and generic font. Which sucks sad

  10. loop Avatar

    I would wish the graphics for my favourite game Neverwinter Nights was as awesome as they are for yours! Maybe in nwn 2 it will be layout friendly.

    I thought a thong WAS undies – but what do I know smile

  11. kathy Avatar

    Thanks for commenting!

    I lovee your layout, it’s so cool. like… 3D almost. surprised

    Haha, that’s really funny. We just call the shoes flip flops here.

  12. jmail nbx Avatar


    Yeah, some of my friends and I made up a song about a thong (not really sure why) and when our teacher hears we assertively insist that we’re talking about thong sandals. Ummm… DUH! Like, what other kind of thongs are there…? ; P

  13. Melody Avatar

    lol That was my thought as soon as I read the first sentence. Some sort of a cultral shock, maybe? I really like those. Moooore please. bigsmile

  14. Scholastica Avatar

    Lolz I didn’t know that Thongs is kind of shoes! *laughed*

    For more information about this thong thingie which refer to undergarment. Go here http://teenfashion.about.com/od/girls/a/pantyprofile.htm. There are 4 types of thongs lol

  15. villainess Avatar

    Hahaha! Ah, random Aussie slang. tongue Thongs also provide a source of confusion for me when they’re mentioned in American movies/songs, because I’m all “why are they going on about sandals? o__O”

    Aww and you’re going to USyd! The quadrangle building is beautiful there, though I’ve gotten lost in the maze of streets elsewhere. The residential colleges also look like something out of Hogwarts! I go to UNSW, its long-standing rival. tongue

  16. hilarydufffan Avatar

    lol. I did that one time. But I was with my aunt.

    HER: Are you going to wear it with thongs? (refering to a skirt)
    ME: Um, no!
    HER: So you’re going to wear it with runners??
    ME: oh. ohhhhhhhhhhhh! *goes red*

  17. none Avatar


  18. xkesx Avatar

    lol, the things that can come out of the moments you don’t pay attention.

  19. gwix Avatar

    haha!I would wonder the same thing. tongue

  20. girl Avatar

    hahahahaha!!! That was funny! I needed a laugh. Thanks! wink

  21. Tara Avatar

    Bwahahaha! That’s so cute. :3 And love the new layout! Beautiful as always!

  22. Torie Avatar

    I hate it when people refer to flip-flops as thongs. It just sounds weird. I always think they are talking about underwear unless I’m really listening to what they are saying.

  23. sejma  Avatar

    heeyy nicee blogg =)

  24. diane Avatar

    im sure that person was not me~~hahaha!

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