Vickie Versus Roach

I stood there, alone in the middle of my bathroom, bladder full. There, right next to the toilet, was a medium-sized cockroach. It wasn’t moving; just there, waiting for me. I kept muttering “I can do this” to myself, kept muttering “you can do this” to my poor bladder sphincter; but couldn’t even move one inch closer to the unwanted visitor.

After 60 minutes of self-assurance and excessive swearing, Vickie versus Roach: Vickie 1, Roach 0.

Ah, it’s nice to empty the bladder — properly. You know, into the toilet.

Hmm, yeh, and the cockroach was already dead by the time I discovered it.

Dude, my entomophobia is impossible…

19 thoughts on “Vickie Versus Roach”

  1. how big is “medium-sized”? because we have them too (its so gross) because of the dirtbag upstairs and the shroomer next door. plus its a development. but still. when you go into a room and turn on the light and they just… run out from under something and toward you… *gag* it should be a world w/out roaches. seriously.

  2. Lovely website. =) Roaches are gross. I went on vacation to hawaii a year ago and you’d see them outside at night. I was mortified when I almost stepped on one.

  3. Haha I actually hate roaches more than mice, but both creatures are pains in the ass. Congrats on emptying the bladder – after an hour of a mind-over-body test. :D

    Whew, yes, entomophobia must be really impossible. I don’t know if I can have that phobia and still be alive today.

  4. @Jenny: By “medium-sized” I meant… actually, maybe it’s quite a small one. But damn…

    @Finola: More than an hour… rounded down to 60 minutes because I was too overwhelmed to think… :O

  5. Damn that sucks that the cochroach was right next to it. I woulda just stomped on it, or if I had to go then like whack it with a toilet bowl cleaner.

  6. Just before I get to type this comment, I had my battle with a silverfish, which is about ten thousand times worse than cochroachs in my opinion. I’m glad that cochroach was dead when you found it. You were brave, I’d probably freak out and wet my pants.

  7. Good job with the cockroach. I don’t know what I would do. I’ve never seen one before. Good thing it was dead! I’ve had to deal with spiders before. I dropped it a few times trying to get it outside lol. Also there was one on the ceiling when I was in the shower and I watched it the whole time to make sure it didn’t come any closer haha.

  8. Oh my god… I hate cochroaches… They’re soo ew…
    But I think spiders are worst. One time a spider felt on our kitchen table… it was a big black one… ew… Fortunately my boyfriend was next to me when this happened =)

  9. Ah yes, I have done that EXACT same thing. If somebody is home I run screaming “OMG GET RID OF IT PLEASE!!!!!!!!111”

  10. Wow that must suck to be afraid of cockroaches, I’m not afraid of insects though so I don’t know how you feel.

  11. aaahhh that was the funniest..yet ive ever read! I kno your troubles….i HATE cockroaches! they are soooooooooooooooooooooooo gross!!!!!

  12. …I hate roaches and bugs too. I think if I saw that in my bathroom, I’d grab something heavy and drop it on the sodding thing. *shudders* Or… I’d run out screaming my silly head off!

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