Like, Totally

I flipped to the last page of the exam paper and smiled triumphantly. The longest question of the whole exam, the one that’s worth the most; I knew they’d ask that over all other possible topics. Surely, if I had the four main points nicely in my brain at that moment, I couldn’t possibly forget any one of them after I did all the other questions? Totally no need to jot them down first. I mean, what are the chances?

Please don’t make me hate you more, brain.






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  1. grysh Avatar

    omg. haha. tongue so you knew what was going to be on the exam??

    1. Vickie Avatar

      … No. I had an intuition, thought I couldn’t possibly forget the main points and didn’t think to write them down first. But I forgot them when I came back to that question…

  2. brendabionic Avatar

    If only I did that for the math eqao! My friend copied down the exact questions from book 2, and did them before the test to make sure they’re right lol

    Hopefully you get perfect then lol

  3. nacochan Avatar

    I hate exams, but at least you knew what was going to be on it smile Exams are annoying.

  4. cheezyritogrl Avatar

    I always hated exams.
    At least you’re done with them now. Right? Time to relax!!

  5. becauseyourock Avatar

    God, I hate exams. I wish I had known what were on mine!

  6. not the pink Avatar

    Ah, if only I knew what was on my English exam, it would have made my life easier hah.
    I hope you did well!

  7. ashley Avatar

    I hate when I know something and then forget it right when you need it. neutral

  8. girl Avatar

    ew for exams but i love it when you are really good at a ceritan part :]

  9. ellie Avatar

    See, that thing always happens! And then you try to rack your brain figuring out what the heck you were thinking about in the beginning.

    Hope you remembered the main points in the end..? smile

  10. Sarah Avatar

    Aww, that happened to me too once. I had these great ideas for a short answer question and forgot a few of them when I actually came to the question. I guess it is just best to get it down when you are scared you might forget.

  11. nan Avatar

    My entire way of talking is like that – I know exactly what to say – except when I actually need to say it.

  12. checker vans Avatar

    lol@smiled triumphantly. I cant stand exams ,i’ve had a few times where i knew all of the answers , but I still dislike them with a passion. They make my mind go all biserk , and i forget answers to my questions.

  13.  Avatar

    I hate when I do that :[ i’ll finish everything else and then completely forget the most important thing to remember. so i just get it done first! haha :]

  14. xkaraix Avatar

    That’s what I love about exams. You already know everything and hopefully you’ve studied the right things smile

    Hope it ended up well smile

  15. chanel Avatar

    Oh that’s the worse! I’m a terrible exam taker. Brainfarts galore for me. sad

  16. tamakins Avatar

    Gah~ exams are so stressful! I hope you did well on them though!

  17. glamdawl Avatar

    I hope you did well although I’m sure you did. Exams are never fun i always hated them.

  18. han Avatar

    arg! I always write everything I can remember down as soon as the exam starts! Just in Case, I always never forget it when I’ve done that!

  19. amber Avatar

    I hope you did well on your exams. I hope they weren’t too difficult for you.


  20. ohso cute Avatar

    i hope you did well! i wish i knew what was going to be on my exams. it would have made things a lot easier ..

  21. blankynoir Avatar

    Oh dear. lol

  22. smitten Avatar

    I’m sory to hear about your exam. I hate when I do that. Hopefully, you managed to pull something out of your head. Anyway, good luck!

  23. mclaire f Avatar

    That happened to me quite a few times. So I jot everything down as soon as I see a question like that.

  24. Amy Avatar

    I think it’s good to start with the longest question first in an exam. There’s always so much required of you, especially if it’s an essay question.

    That’s a shame that you forgot all the points you had once you got back to the question. I guess the good thing is that you’ve learnt your lesson now and won’t make the same mistake again.

  25. charmed heart Avatar

    Gahh hope you did well on the test! Couldnt possibly forget that main point, after all smile
    And well about how you “make it rather clear what kind of relationship [you] expect of us right from the start,” well I’m not really very straightforward [I’m a coward who’s afraid of hurting people’s feelings :)] and I dont know how to get involved [or not involved, in this case] with a guy :]

  26. josh Avatar

    hopefully you did well. during my exam i had a quiet panic attack. i studied so much before the exam, and then forgot everything i learned the last year the moment i saw the exam paper.
    but don’t worry i survived. lol

    i’m sure you did great with your exam. you wouldn’t have done as badly as i did.

  27. azio raymond Avatar

    Haha exams aren’t easy task to do. It needs a lot of brain work to do so. I hate exams for some reasons.

  28. emz Avatar

    Exams come with some paper contagious disease that strikes immediately.

    No matter how much preparation work you’ve done, no matter how sure you are of what you are going to say and explain, this disease causes your brain to go totally blank.

    And panic time begins.

    If only there were a cure!

  29. crytal Avatar

    i’ve never done any exams but i hear their hard. Hope u did good!

  30. impaktita Avatar

    i always do so bad at exams and used to sleep through the whole thing lol. very bad of me i know. i regret it now though! anyways juss droppin:) -despair-

  31. Menelya Avatar

    I hope you did well on your exam! I always did bad on exams, lol.

  32. Nat Marie Avatar

    I hate exams, and I was so happy when I finished high school…then I completely forgot that it’s even worse in college. Now I’m scared to go back, lmao.

  33. char Avatar

    If there’s one thing that always sucks, it’s the brain fart that occurs when you need to remember something important.

  34. impaktita Avatar

    predictable exam smile

  35. reality vs the optimist Avatar

    Yeah, tests & exams are predictable like that.

  36. christina Avatar

    I hate exam questions like that, but most exams I take tend to be like that. I always find myself taking the test from the end to the beginning.

  37. lido baby bubbles Avatar

    Thank you for visiting, I may continue?…Mmmm~and good luck on the exam? ^ ^”

  38. Yvonne Avatar

    Omg! :S I hope you ended up remembering though!! Exams such, 50% of it is knowledge and 50% is intimidation…

  39. lissi love Avatar

    Oh man. Exams. Urgh. That’s the one thing I’m dreading about going back to school. I hope you did well on the exam!

  40. nanda Avatar

    Oh that sucks. I hope you remembered later, and I hope you did well on it!

  41. elizabeth   anne Avatar

    Thanks for the comment =D I hate exams, im so glad all of mine are done! =)

  42. grey wanderer Avatar

    I hate exams, I was never really good at them, lol. Hope you did well though.

  43. wrhona sillee Avatar

    Ah! I hate it when my mind go blank when I have to remember something that I memorized over and over again. but it’s cool when I remember it, because then…you know..:D

    I hope you did good! smile

  44. yingna Avatar

    Just found this website through another blog–hehe, I liked how you posted this entry:

    What I hope for exams when I get an intuition for the correct answer is to pray that the other questions in the test would help lead me to the right answer. It usually never does. I hope your results come out well smile

  45. Anna Avatar

    Smiling triumphantly after an exam. Hmm… That rarely happens. You’re lucky you smiled afterwards! Me and my friends, during those exams week, we’d feel like fainting afterwards from too much thinking. *lol*

  46. Aleida Avatar

    Gahhh~ that’s why they hand us a white sheet of paper to go with the exam. Nowadays I go through all the questions first and write down the important points or key words on my scribbeling paper. That way I can work the questions out without forgetting stuff wink But hufff – doing that in 2 hours can be very stressful! Maybe a tip for the next time: jot down those important stuff before making the whole exam !!!!!

  47. Becca Avatar

    eww exams. Good luck with that.

  48.  Avatar

    I hate exams, I wish I knew what was on them!

  49. poo Avatar

    *lol* That post made me giggle. I certainly hope you did well on your exam. *crosses fingers*

    And yes, birthday cards are even for people overseas. wink

  50. Henriet Avatar

    Well at least your exames are over now and i hope you did them well wink

    Have a great week bigsmile

  51. Crystal Avatar

    ack!! that sucks so bad!!

    but at the exams are over now..
    so enjoy yourself!! =D

  52. Crystal Avatar

    I think you need to update soon lol! Hope your exam went well.

  53. charlene Avatar

    Ahh the exam days. Those were the good ole days. Boy do I miss them so.

  54. Amber Avatar

    i hope you did well on your exam! i hate taking them, i always get so stressed out. but in the end the stress makes me study so i normally end up doing pretty decent. haha.

  55. Anna Avatar

    No exams for another year or so for me. Thank god for that. *fingers crossed* that you did good on the paper.

  56. emma Avatar

    Thanks for the comment smile
    I hope you did well on your exam.

  57. Kaisa Avatar

    Oy, that is the way I have handled every single exam I’ve ever taken. No wonder I did poorly in most of them tongue

  58. charlene Avatar

    You still living? Maybe living it up too much to come online and update!

  59. April Avatar

    Hahahaha! I totally tried this on one of my exams but I actually didn’t really poorly. I hope you didn’t do too badly…

  60. Matt Avatar

    Ouch. please don’t tell me that you hate your brain now…

  61. Sar Avatar

    I hate exams. Sometimes I’m actually better off not studying, as odd as it sounds. I’ve had quite a few occasions where I studied and nearly failed, and didn’t study and did just fine. Maybe it was all chance, but I still find it quite odd. =P

  62. Vera Avatar

    I’d especially hate it if I knew about a question that would come out but didn’t study enough for it to remember the answers. Haha. Good luck on your exams! Mine are really soon too.

  63. Diana Avatar

    …You have no idea how many times this has happened to me.

    That’s why you need to write a quick outline in the margins of the exam tongue I just don’t understand people who can read a topic and go straight to writing.

  64. me Avatar

    Everything I wanted to say has already been said…countless times…but I’ll say it again! I really dislike exams, but I have been lucky a few times with those essay questions…

    You need to update, BTW!

  65. Melissa Avatar

    Exams are always so much fun aren’t they? (sarcasm sarcasm)

    That’s probably the biggest thing I hated when I was in school. That and well… most everything except goofing off. lol

  66. shan Avatar

    I don’t think I’ve ever studied for an exam in my life. Everytime I do, I do very badly. When I don’t study, I do very well. I think it’s because I have a strong habit of reading notes before and after class, over and over everyday. It seemed to work for me more times than not.

    Essay questions were the best for me! I got to write down all of my thoughts on specific topics as freely as I would like to and I always had alot to say, never missing any of my main points.

    You’re very lucky to have known what was going to be on the exam. I hope you did well smile

  67. Melissa Avatar

    I agree with what Shannon said, I don’t think I’ve ever studied for an exam, I just turned up and hoped for the best. In my case, it turned out ok!

  68. Marsha Avatar

    Yeouch. Poor you. I hate it when that happens. :[
    You know the answer but you forgot in the end when you’re about to answer it! Grr.
    Hope it went well though!

  69. Kavitha Avatar

    That’s terrible…forgetting what you know well, especially during exams. It drives me up the wall. Wouldn’t matter if it was something I never read up in the first place, but damn it, if I know it but still can’t recall. There’s this itch to get it done and over with, but you still can’t.

  70. Noelle Avatar

    Man, you’re lucky that your test turned out the way you thought it would. Whenever I think I know what’s going to be on a test, I more than often turn out to be wrong.

    I’m happy for you though. I bet you did awesome!


  71. chiem Avatar

    That’s totally bad. I never like exams *sigh*

  72. lena Avatar

    Exams are always the worst. But it is a good feeling to anticipate what are on them. Hope you did well on your exam. Good luck with future ones. smile

  73. Rilla Avatar

    Ever since I’ve gotten myself into the habit of planning out a question before I write it, it’s what I’ve always found useful. But you know, your situation has happened to me before. tongue And it sucks. sad

  74. nicolah Avatar

    I hate that. That ALWAYS happens to me, lol.

  75. angela Avatar

    Oh man, I hate that. I finally got in the habit of writing little notes in the margins so that when I go back to the question, I don’t have to remember the answer–it’s already there. It’s an awesome strategy. :]

  76. Amber Avatar

    Honestly, I cannot stand exams. There’s something about that exam hall that makes my brain turn into mush, my palms go horribly sweating, and any logical thought flies from my brain.

  77. Natalia Avatar

    You are so lucky. I wish that would happen to me more often! I hate taking exams though sad

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