The Legendary… Roach?

Zho lost her eye to a Black Moa while saving some pansy named Nehdukah, and had since developed a fear of the bird and all birds in general. Plagued by nightmares for years, she decided to tame the very beast in an attempt to overcome the fear, and ended up bringing up her own Black Moa chick and gradually recovered from the memories of the horrid accident.

I don’t recall any particular incident with any particular insect that caused my rather severe phobia of all and any insects. Now, maybe if I get a beetle for a pet, and maybe a caterpillar, and a grasshopper, and a moth, and a butterfly, and a scorpion, and a spider, and a cockroach, and a bee, and…

You know what? Never mind.

Yes, I like to speak of game NPCs like some real-life friends. </loser>






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  1. x enpee Avatar

    “Yes, I like to speak of game NPCs like some real-life friends.”

    Who *doesn’t*? I think most people think Cybil and Harry are relatives of mine or that I’m dating a guy called Vladimir Lem.


  2. natalja firesparrow Avatar

    Ha. I wish it were that easy. If only certain things were as easy as games. Or as interesting. I’d love to be a sky pirate, for example. Especially since the captain of my pirate ship would be a strangely Balthier-like Englishman (or at least in my dreams ~_^).

    I think most girls have a fear of bugs of some sort, though. It’s kind of something that’s bred into us. Hating bugs. I don’t know many girls who can say that they’re comfortable around bugs. Some of them like tarantulas, but that’s for the danger in the first place. And I don’t think that breeding bugs can help one overcome a fear of bugs. They’re just… gross.

  3. Ria Avatar

    For a second there I was like mindblown

  4. andhours Avatar

    Dude, I want a moth for a pet!

  5. meli Avatar

    LOL. I don’t know specifically what you’re talking about, but when I was really active playing the Sims 2, I would often start random conversations with my sister about what this character or that NPC did.

    Geekery in one of it’s highest forms. Love it.

  6. Billy Avatar

    Yeah, I was all like, WHAT?! O_O I’m not a gamer. lol

  7. Aleida Avatar

    W woahhh the Black Moa picked her eye out *gasp* Heheh and then she raised a Black Moa chick? Pretty cool stuff lol but yeahh I don’t see myself raising any snails or bugs or brrrrrrrr ~

  8. CrisPea Avatar

    HAHAHAHAH! I thought Zho was some fellow blogger.
    Until I read the ending of the entry, and clicked the link.

    That made me smile.

    Plus, I just got Guild Wars [Factions] so Imunna start playing in a while.

    CHYEAH (:

  9. janelle Avatar

    i don’t know that game but it seems fun and interesting too. but your first paragraph is really weird. o.O

  10. Vickie Avatar

    I blame Zho’s Journal.

  11. simplycari Avatar

    So I’m definitely not a gamer.. lol

    I just reread that first paragraph and I guess it’s making sense now!

    But I totally have a phobia of insects. Like some are harmless right, like who could fear a butterfly? But then the second it swoops by me, I pretty much flee.

    I wanted to thank you for being my first commenter ^-^

    Much Love!

  12. starrybliss Avatar

    Hey, insects aren’t too bad, I use to collect them lolz lol

    For some odd reason I get this feeling of you being a WoW player. tongue ?

  13. nanda Avatar

    Guild Wars is a pretty cool game – too bad I’ve never really gotten into the story. I like the fact that NPCs often have their own unique story, I like reading them, and finding out more about them. NPCs are cool. bigsmile

  14. Lil Avatar

    Well the comparison was appropriate, so why not?

    And besides, facing your fears doesn’t always work. I have a phobia of needles. One day I had to suck up my fears and get my blood taken. I walked in bravely and when the needle went in I ended up fainting and having a mild seizure. Go figure.

    I dislike insects because I find them revolting, but a butterfly? Phobias hardly tend to be rational tongue What about raising a Venus fly trap? They eat insects, and as such indirectly make you cope with your fears.

  15.  Avatar

    It’s okay, when I played Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced I used to pair up characters and imagine they were partners. It’s Final Fantasy, there has to be some love somewhere.

  16. Marsha Avatar

    Haha, I don’t play those games but it’s interesting.
    I’ve never been in that position either.
    But I don’t like any sort of creepy crawlie, that’s for sure. >

  17. tina Avatar

    I am not into games, so at first I was like “huh what?” after reading the first paragraph, but then I got it.
    Maybe the “pet insects” trick would really work,but then…it isn’t really worth the try, I guess wink

  18. laura Avatar

    I didn’t really understand at first – but now I do haha. And hmm I don’t think keeping them as pets would really work. Maybe stop you from sleeping at night and traumatise you forever but ehh – I’m not sure. Hehe.

  19. contact Avatar

    “Ooo”, that’s what I said when I saw your top graphic, lol.

    I have no idea who those characters(?) are, or what NPC is, but I got the point.

    I’m afraid of spiders, and I’m okay with that, lol. There’s NO WAY I’d get one as a pet or to “tame”, I’d be paranoid with it in, or around the house.

  20. angela Avatar

    it’s spiders that do it for me *shudder* but i do remember what started it.. i think D:

  21. sami s Avatar

    (not a gamer)
    but bugs are just super scary in general. When I was younger I thought they were the greatest things on the earth. But now, they’re all just eww…

  22. j Avatar

    I used to have these crazy scary dreams about spiders, but in real life, I don’t mind them at all (as long as they don’t touch me). It was so weird.

    Good luck with the insect-phobia.

  23. tazuli Avatar

    Haha, I remember touching the lid of an old trashcan, and a gigantic yellow beetle crawling out. O_O; Which caused my extreme phobia for … giant yellow beetles …

  24. Melinda Avatar

    o___o. I’m obviously not a gamer, because I really don’t get that first paragraph.

    As for bugs, I’m actually pretty okay with them! I just don’t like really slimy bugs, like worms and slugs. Ick :(!

  25. emz Avatar

    Bugs/insects/crawlies = big no no.

    Sure, I was fine as a kid, but through the ‘ages’ my fear has become irrational with each passing encounter with a crawlie. Stomp ’em, crush ’em, squash ’em – any way, so that they sure ain’t near me! *shudder*

    Sorry, not a ‘gamer’ in the real sense of the word. Or any sense of the word actually.

    But all characters become real people in my head; it makes day dreaming a real hoot when in a boring Biology lession. wink

  26. azio raymond Avatar

    Not very familiar with games cos I didn’t play games a lot heh… But sometimes if we relate the games in real life, it’s kinda fun too.

  27. girl Avatar

    I ALWAYS relate games to real life. And then get weird looks from people who don’t know wtf I’m talking about lol

  28. catmet Avatar

    I actually didn’t get anything you wrote at first :P.I don’t really play games apart from the Sims 2 occasionally.

    I don’t really mind bugs as long as there not close to me.Cause if they’re not close I can easily run away lol.

  29. Yvonne Avatar

    Lol, love gamers!

    You voiced my thoughts exactly… where the heck did my phobia’s come from? You know what? Probably from seeing other people so freaked out about them…

  30. Jenny Avatar

    heh try having roaches the size of small white labmice. lol It’s not exactly a cool thing.

  31. anesthesia Avatar

    I used to play Everquest and every now and then I’ll still catch myself typing /laugh instead of *lol*.. Things are funny that way.

  32. lisa Avatar

    “Yes, I like to speak of game NPCs like some real-life friends.”
    lmao smile

    I have a terrible fear of spiders, I would never even think of getting one as a pet to get over that fear, I’m with you on that one, lol smile

  33. buffybaby Avatar

    LMAO. I wasn’t sure what was being talked about…not much of a gamer except for those $20 flash web games you can download from the internet.

    I hate cockroaches, bugs are ok…but roaches can make me cry, lol.

  34. emma Avatar

    Thanks for the comment smile
    A butterfly would make a nice pet, they only live for a week lol.

  35. Sean Avatar

    I talk about people I know in games like I know them in real life too. Sometimes you play so much with them it is like you hang out and that even though they live 200 miles away you can still get together.

  36. prettymecha Avatar

    I don’t play Guild Wars but that’s a lovely story, having read Zho’s Journal. I’m not afraid of any animals, but when people throw up, that scares me. I have no intention of confronting that, either. neutral

  37. lil leo Avatar

    what game do you play?it seems like fun lol-I dot refer to npcs as real life friends..although i do meet people like them o.O

  38. sanctus Avatar

    I’m not a gamer at all, but I do refer to anime/manga and book characters like real people sometimes. tongue I can’t help myself. When they have real personalities, it’s easy to see them as real people.

  39. Amy Avatar

    Ooooh nice to meet a fellow gamer. Hey NPCs are great! Without NPCs we’d have no one to make fun of. Those NPCs are just great.

  40. Matt Avatar

    Don’t worry we all like to talk about them like real life friends. It’s perfectly natural.

    I do it all the time.

  41. diewhitegirls Avatar

    I randomly stumbled upon your website, I’ve been looking around, reading blog entries, and I’ve come to a conclusion… I’m pretty sure I absolutely love you. (this entry totally solidified it)

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