Run-Ons, Running Out of What I Run On

Stuck with Australia’s wonderful metred bandwidth, about to bust this month’s cap, forced self to surf during offpeak i.e. midnight, brain too tired to function, doing research on porn for upcoming blog entry, downloaded porn from non-usual sources, saw a .exe, heard Brain say, “You no give me rest, I no make you judgement.” Whatever that meant. Ran .exe, watched anti-virus try to block and remove virus in vain, adrenaline rush, jaw dropped to floor.

Vickie: What the fuck, Brain?
Brain: What the fuck, Vickie?

Regained composure, googled for fix, downloaded fix, rebooted computer in safe mode, blurry, blurry, blurry, blurry, fell asleep on chair, drooled.

Woke up to a computer free of virus, unused drivers removed, registry cleaned up, beautifully defragged. Blinked.

Vickie: … What the fuck, Brain?!
Brain: What the fuck, Vickie.

Up next some day: the entry on porn that I downloaded a virus for.






4 responses to “Run-Ons, Running Out of What I Run On”

  1. Tara Avatar


    I just had a friend telling me that she opened a video of some disgusting video and it made her computer die from a virus X_X;; Glad that it’s unvirused now!

    . . . And I hate METERED bandwidth for internet connection. Like, WTF. That’s a foreign concept for me to comprehend!

  2. chanel Avatar

    Porn is the #1 virus reason why everyone has viruses. So not only can you NOT have free wild sex everyday in person because you might get a virus, if you watch it everyday on the pc, you might get a virus. >.<

  3. Rebecca Avatar

    haha your brain and you seem to have some miscommunications there!

  4. Dizzy Avatar

    Same here. We don’t have metred bandwidth. tongue

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