Hello, Dr Freud

This would have been the porn entry I mentioned 3 entries, 22 days ago, except lately, something has been troubling me.

Friend #1 sends pictures of Muscovy Ducks to Vickie.

Vickie: How do you tell the ducks apart?
Friend #1: Male ducks have a redder face.
Vickie: Female ducks are cuter than the male dicks.
Vickie: DUCKS

Friend #2 goes online.

Vickie: I’m bored.
Friend #2: Oh.
Vickie: I’m going to sperm your Facebook profile.
Vickie: SPAM

Man, what’s going on with my brain? Erm… Boy, what’s wrong with me? Dude!







17 responses to “Hello, Dr Freud”

  1. Tara Avatar

    lol lol lol Those are awesome typos made of win. :3 That means you’re made of awesome and win, Vickie!

  2. Yvette Avatar

    Oh God. Dicks I mean ducks and spam ftw!

  3. Veronica Avatar

    I have days like that. Sometimes I just stumble over the words when I’m at work. Usually that makes me sound like a jackasshole but what can you do.

  4. CrisPea Avatar


    That is all.

  5. Brenda Avatar


    Talk about slips of the tongue! tongue Oh my gosh, dear – what were you thinking during those chats? wink

  6. kalikoke Avatar

    Hahaha! I must fail in Freud’s eyes, then because…

    …I didn’t notice sperm or dick at all until a second reading.

    Omg. What does that say about my mental health o.o!

  7. mmmhmmmm Avatar

    lol amusing typos

  8. grax Avatar

    My my, got willies on the mind? Nothing wrong with a bit of variety in one’s sex life. tongue

    Tee hee.

  9. julia Avatar

    LOL! I do things like that ALL the time.

  10. angela Avatar

    I think we are all guilty of doing that every now and then. Funny post!

  11. regina y li Avatar

    LMAO. I actually didn’t notice the first one until I read it through a second time.

  12. Cara Avatar

    Hahahaha, awesome! You’re my heroine. smile I’m STILL laughing.

  13. Robmarie Avatar

    I was totally gonna say “Freud would have a field day with this!” and then I remembered the title of the post — all in a matter of nanoseconds, lmao. Short-term memory FAIL.

    I’ve been experiencing TONS of sexual Freudian slips as of late… the floodgates shall be opened soon, LOL tongue

  14. fischbait Avatar

    LOL, that is amazing. I love screwing things up and making a laugh out of it. Good job :]

  15. kassers Avatar

    Haha, that is brilliant. XP

  16.  Avatar

    the freudian theory is crazy, i dont believe it at all

  17. Dizzy Avatar

    Sperm, FTW! LOL!

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