Hello, Dr Freud

This would have been the porn entry I mentioned 3 entries, 22 days ago, except lately, something has been troubling me.

Friend #1 sends pictures of Muscovy Ducks to Vickie.

Vickie: How do you tell the ducks apart?
Friend #1: Male ducks have a redder face.
Vickie: Female ducks are cuter than the male dicks.
Vickie: DUCKS

Friend #2 goes online.

Vickie: I’m bored.
Friend #2: Oh.
Vickie: I’m going to sperm your Facebook profile.
Vickie: SPAM

Man, what’s going on with my brain? Erm… Boy, what’s wrong with me? Dude!


17 thoughts on “Hello, Dr Freud”

  1. I have days like that. Sometimes I just stumble over the words when I’m at work. Usually that makes me sound like a jackasshole but what can you do.


    Talk about slips of the tongue! :P Oh my gosh, dear – what were you thinking during those chats? ;)

  3. Hahaha! I must fail in Freud’s eyes, then because…

    …I didn’t notice sperm or dick at all until a second reading.

    Omg. What does that say about my mental health o.o!

  4. I was totally gonna say “Freud would have a field day with this!” and then I remembered the title of the post — all in a matter of nanoseconds, lmao. Short-term memory FAIL.

    I’ve been experiencing TONS of sexual Freudian slips as of late… the floodgates shall be opened soon, LOL :P

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