Resolution Revolution

Something shiny caught my attention as I walked past the working space of one office lady during lunch — a new 17-inch LCD computer monitor. (This was a few years ago.) I leaned in with an ooooooh to check out this hottie (the screen), and quickly noticed that the office lady was still using the old screen resolution from her last setting.

“This is a five-by-four screen,” I said. “You’re still using a four-by-three resolution on it.”

She blinked.

“You know? The ratio? Five… to… four,” I explained, accompanied with body motions that somewhat resembled the chicken dance.

Turns out when someone doesn’t speak your “language”, speaking slowly or doing the chicken dance doesn’t really help.

I grabbed her mouse as she continued to look at me in confusion. Minimise all, right click, click, click, click, click: 1280×1024; there, a correct screen resolution for a shiny new screen. I smiled, satisfied, and turned to walk away (casually noting the lingering confusion on the colleague’s face), giving myself a mental pat on the shoulder for an unpaid job well done.

“OH MY GOD!” A scream of terror.

I paused, thinking if I’d forgotten to apply the new screen resolution setting properly so the screen had automatically reverted back to 1024×768 while she’s admiring the sharper images. It didn’t.

“Why is everything so tiny? Why do I look so fat in the picture?!” She cried.

And then I cried too.

(She insisted on switching back to 1024×768. I undid my mental pat on the shoulder and complied.)






13 responses to “Resolution Revolution”

  1. Tara Avatar

    Awww! At least you tried. *hugs* lol But this is still a bit funny. ^^;;

    1. Vickie Avatar

      Aww thanks. But it was really more of a metaphorical cry of despair and frustration, losing faith in humanity and all that. Yeah, I’m rather dramatic.

  2.  Avatar

    Oh man, I hate people like that. =/ Moreover, if you don’t use the correct resolution on an LCD monitor, it looks really weird. But oh well, some people just don’t ever learn when it comes to computers. wink

    1. Vickie Avatar

      Or don’t care as long as they look thin in pictures…

  3. allie Avatar

    I changed the resolution on some 17″ widescreens a few weeks back. (I work at a college.) I can’t stand seeing 1024×768 on a monitor that should be on 1440×900. It’s fuzzy and gross. However, I got the same complaint about everything being too tiny. I’m pretty sure most of them got changed back.

  4. excuses untold Avatar

    When I was… 9 or 10 (thereabouts, at any rate), I had an 800×600 resolution for a monitor that was designed for 1024×768. You could have knocked me over with a feather when it was adjusted to the proper resolution tongue

  5. Vera Avatar

    People like that are soooooo scary tongue

  6. Chantal Avatar

    And than you think you actually helped someone making their life easier… Ooh well at least you tried.

  7. regina y li Avatar

    oh wow, *shakes head in disappointment*

  8. Latrina Avatar

    My brother is the same exact way. He just got this huge flat screen monitor and he refuses to use any resolution besides 1024×768. It’s frustrating! He complained it was too small too. I guess some people don’t adjust to change well.. either that or they have horrible eye sight. Or like that woman, cared too much that she looked so huge in a photo. hah

  9. kelson Avatar

    Assuming this is Windows, setting fonts and icons to large might (or might not) help, at least with the “everything’s so small!” complaint.

    On a related note, I can’t understand people who watch 4:3 shows on widescreen TV sets with the picture stretched across the entire screen.

  10. Brenda Avatar

    Hahahaha, talk about narcissistic.

    Oh well, at least you tried to help. Although your seemingly self-absorbed colleague wasn’t impressed. sad

    And I love 1024 x 768 screen resolutions. wink (And no, I do not have my face as my desktop wallpaper.)

  11. daarlingdamsel Avatar

    Bah ha, people are nuts. I think when the resolution is first changed things look tiny, but it’s super easy to get used to and everything looks so sharp and clear!! She’s got some serious issues if she is that concerned about how fat she looks in a picture. Was the picture her wallpaper and it stretched to fit the new resolution?

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