How’s It Hanging, Il Porcellino?

Legend has it that if you rub the snout of this wild boar statue named Il Porcellino outside the Sydney Hospital, toss a coin in and make a wish, your wish would come true. Legend also has it that it would still bring you good luck if you rub its snout, regardless of whether you’re donating money to the hospital.

We walked past it the other day.

Il Porcellino
Il Porcellino

So, uh… You people do know what a “snout” is, right?

6 thoughts on “How’s It Hanging, Il Porcellino?”

  1. No more bizarre a practice than many conducted within those hallowed halls of death-dealing mistake mongers. Sydney Hospital is no worse than others in this regard. At least the boar isn’t dangerous…

  2. The people must have mistaken his penis with a tongue.. it looks like a tongue at the photo, seriously xD

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