Racist Fail

If you’re the average Guild Wars gamer who’s English-speaking, white, male, straight, young, doesn’t have a disability and so on, the worst insults that get thrown at you are probably the N word, “fag” or “gay”, and you’d probably go, “Whatevs! I’m not even black / gay.” and move on with your day.

If you’re like the rest of us, particularly those of us who run around with a Chinese character name but are absolutely and obviously not a bot or gold farmer, it’s not uncommon to encounter personal attacks from racists, even in the supposed safety of our own PVE district (Asia – Traditional Chinese).

3 months ago, I had these two Warriors in the Traditional Chinese district of Leviathan Pits, that came doing the taunt, point, shoo and laugh emotes as soon as I mapped in. Bear in mind that players have the complete freedom and choice to travel between any districts of the same area — their intentions were clear.

Two Warriors taunting me - dialogue

Two Warriors taunting me - characters

The exchange they probably expected:

Racist #1 taunts you.
元氣娜奧美 (my Warrior’s name): excuse me
Racist #1 taunts you.
Racist #1 taunts you.

Racist #2: sorry i dont speak freaky deeky
Racist #1: HAHAHA
Racist #1: pwnd
元氣娜奧美: 阿 怎麼辦 我不太會說英文耶…

What happened in reality:

元氣娜奧美 (me): you mean english

What can I say? I’m a fast typist. You’d think that my “excuse me” would tip them off, too. Way to unintentionally pwn your own friend-in-crime.

As if failing like that wasn’t embarrassing enough, though, one of them then said:

Oh no they also speak Spanish! Or do they?

Which is horrible Spanish, according to a friend’s friend who speaks Spanish. Why am I not surprised that it translates so well into English in an online translator?

But that’s not all! When I asked them if they’re aware that they’re in the Traditional Chinese district, they added a bold declaration that would make Freud proud!


(Adrian Victoria is my friend who’s actually also American.)

And then I reported them. Sadly, a few days off Guild Wars during the weekdays likely had little effect on them.

Oh look, it’s not just English-speaking players who would “accidentally” land in the Traditional Chinese district and “accidentally” type out loud, either.

putin y a des ptit chinois

And they’re only the milder racists in PVE.

You have no idea what it’s like to PVP if you have a Chinese name.






8 responses to “Racist Fail”

  1.  Avatar

    I am so embarrassed I live in the same country. I wish there was some isolated island in the middle of nowhere we could ship all these American assholes so maybe the rest of the world would stop loathing this country. It would have to be a pretty big island though because unfortunately there are a lot of jerks here >_>

  2. adamrlee Avatar

    Well, you should know that EVERY country has racists. These online folks are just sad they don’t have a life in the real world, so don’t worry about it.

  3. cynthia Avatar

    I find them in so many different games … there are just a lot of idiots out there and the ones who are trolls just deserve an /ignore. They tend to be pretty young though, so sometimes I wish their mums would just smack them around a bit.

    1. Vickie Avatar

      I wouldn’t suggest violence even on these people. Their attitudes are often directly or indirectly learnt from their parents, too, so if anything, parenting probably only contributed to it!

  4. yank euro Avatar

    WTF wait until you grow and see the world and live life away from the game room where the real games are played!

  5. Daniella Avatar

    Haha I love coming across people like that. There are racists and stupid people everywhere, but in real life you don’t have to deal with them as much because they’re all talk and no action. In game they are free from physical violence so they’re complete jerks. They’re so pathetic in game that I almost feel sorry for them in real life, but then again they just bring it on themselves.

  6. Matt Avatar

    That’s what you get when you give teenagers the freedom of anonymity – some take it as a free pass to say whatever they want to whoever they want and think that it makes them look that much bigger.

    The only problem is that it usually only amuses them and the people they run around with in the digital playground. To everyone else, it just comes off as a sad attempt at trying to be funny.

  7. Dee Avatar

    An argument for separate servers, maybe?

    You’d have to be careful how you named them. Like one set with names like “ZOMG PWNT LOLOLOL!!!” and “MANWANG!!” versus others with names related to places or ideas in-game. Once a user picked one of the former set of names, they wouldn’t then be able to switch to the latter.

    It’d be like a ghetto for 14-year-old straight white males, while the rest of us got on with playing in peace…

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