Syllable for a Syllable

Why hello there you
Did you know that haiku
Three syll’bles, not two?






3 responses to “Syllable for a Syllable”

  1. Tara Avatar

    For some reason, even after I learned how Japanese is supposed to be pronounced, I never considered haiku in its Japanese pronunciation. ~_~;; I still kept thinking of it in English pronunciation. Baka me!

    1. Vickie Avatar

      Speaking of Japanese pronunciation, I almost punched my friend the other day because of the way he pronounced “Naruto”. lol

  2. rosemarie pritchard Avatar

    I totally didn’t get this until I read the comment by Tara. I was like “Wtf, who messes up a haiku? You have incorrect syllableage there!”

    But nevermind.

    Now I think it’s clever bigsmile

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