I Wish I’d Made This Up

I was pretty sure “What do you do during the weekends?” was what Examiner 1 asked. That’s one of the standard questions for that oral exam; pretty much free marks for grabs. I can’t say I was very well-prepared because I had a 1,000-word individual assignment plus a 12,000-word group assignment due the same day with 5 other classmates, in which only 3.5 of them were really active. But still. Weekends? I often play sports with my friends and practice the violin, among other things. Of course I’d study a lot if there’s an upcoming test. Then Examiner 1 would likely follow up and ask what sports I’m into. I would answer swimming and tennis. I prefer swimming because I don’t really like to sweat.

“What do you do during the weekends?”
“I often play video games alone.”

No, Vickie! Sports, friends, violin, study, swimming, tennis, sweat… remember?

“I, uh, often play video games…?”

Examiner 1 shot me an “are you for real” look.
Examiner 2 giggled.

Which is no biggie and just a language / preparation fail if I wasn’t telling the truth.

But I was. The actual things I do during all my weekends. Video games. Alone.







8 responses to “I Wish I’d Made This Up”

  1. Tara Avatar

    Awww *hugs* I play video games alone or just go to a cafe alone and whatnot . . . so I don’t think this answer is that bad.

  2. new illuminati Avatar
    new illuminati

    I love video games, but I know that if I play them in the daytime my health and sanity will be compromised. You have to get outdoors and see something far away! And friends are out there, waiting…

  3. Latrina Avatar

    …I must have failed to see what the problem is..?

    Hehe, there’s nothing wrong with playing video games. Girls who game are cool, remember? I think it’s funny that that’s what came out of your mouth though. tongue

  4.  Avatar

    your response is worth over 9000 marks

  5.  Avatar

    I too love playing video games not only in weekends but everyday either in my home or in cybercafe.I agree with ur answer

  6. jennspeaks Avatar

    Haha awesome. That’s the best thing about weekends. You can fart around, play video games, pig out on munchies and it’s ok! wink

  7. Jill Avatar

    Oh, that’s hilarious! Just own it, girl

  8. michael Avatar

    Don’t forget to tell them that you also blog! (hoping jury will nod approvingly)

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