Weather Forecast / Death Prediction

This is a screen capture of the weather application on my current hot-in-a-good-way phone.

I'm suing Australia if I die. Oh wait.
I’m suing Australia if I die. Oh wait.

I’m pretty sure that weather symbol for Friday means death, especially for people who live in a garage with no air-conditioning like me.

Non-filler entries to follow soon.

Only if that symbol doesn’t mean death.






7 responses to “Weather Forecast / Death Prediction”

  1. nadine Avatar

    37 is nothing. I grew up in Mildura. 40+ all Summer. wink

    1. Vickie Avatar

      But I don’t suppose you also lived in a garage…

  2. Tara Avatar

    lol I hope that’s not death! The world would be a sad place without you.

    1. Vickie Avatar

      Oh haha, good one. I almost believed it. lol

  3. Fatima Avatar

    It’s the other way around here in Michigan. Subzero temps! And I can’t complain because my husband has been through worse in Iraq.

  4. Bathwater Avatar

    Better find somewhere to hide from the weather today!

  5. Mmm Bacon…

    Remember 2 1.2 years ago (wow, 2 1.2 years already!), I first saw the bacon sign on my phone and thought maybe it’s a logo for death, but I somehow didn’t die and lived unhappily ever after? Mmm Bacon Well, now I have 3 plates of them. Yay!…

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