What Aussies Love

I just realised that I’ve been in Australia for over 3 years now. Time sure flies and time for reflection. So, random things I notice #1: words and phrases Aussies (or at least Sydneysiders (or at least young Sydneysiders (or at least those around me))) particularly love to say:

  1. I reckon
  2. heaps (of?), e.g. thanks heaps, heaps cool
  3. mate
  4. hey? (used at the end of a statement)

Combining all of the above may or may not sound extremely Australian.

Also, the Middle Eastern people I meet outside Uni are very hostile.
A lot of Caucasians here are also closet and not-so-closet racists.
Australia is also not known for its flies for nothing.

I’m also sweating profusely at the moment but I still can’t help but love this place. What’s up with that?






13 responses to “What Aussies Love”

  1. Wayne Brooks Avatar

    I thought “I reckon” was an Alabama phrase. That’s right Sidney is in “Southern” Australia.

  2. new illuminati Avatar
    new illuminati

    Hey mate, I reckon heaps of people talk like this!

  3. new illuminati Avatar
    new illuminati

    Hey mate, I reckon heaps of people talk like this! Struth, you’d be fair dinkum normal if you spoke this way!

  4.  Avatar

    i have a friend who’s been there for about 3 years too – and i really don’t think he’ll ever leave that place.

    seems like australia has something to make people fall in love and stay – and maybe that’s why i am so afraid of going there smile

  5. Ria Avatar

    Awww my friend lives in Australia and she hates it. She’s originally from South Africa. She finds it too hot generally and is always complaining. She’s been living there a long time though I guess and would probably rather be in Japan.

  6. Latrina Avatar

    I have always wanted to visit Australia! That’s funny that they say “I reckon” there – I wasn’t aware of that! That’s what people here in the south (USA) say. tongue

  7. Melody Avatar

    My friend came back after she completed her degree in Melbourne. She loved it there but I think she loves being at home now too. Luckily for me, she didn’t start saying things I don’t understand. I also heard about the ‘racism’, which sounds kind of weird to me, because in Scotland I was never (not once) treated that way. I wonder if you prefer England or Australia?

  8. LJP Avatar

    In Victoria we don’t say ‘hey’ at the end of a sentence so much – I think that’s more a NSW/QLD thing. I don’t see so much racism in Melbourne either, but then that could just be the people I encounter…

    Another couple of sayings:

    F*ckn’ Oath!!

    Bloody Oath!!


    You f*ckn’ beauty/ripper etc.

  9. kenwooi Avatar

    i wish to australia one day! =)

  10. jennspeaks Avatar

    A lot of the aussies on WoW use “mate”. It kind of annoys me. lol But I would love to visit the country one day. It looks so awesome.

  11. Jen Avatar

    I only seem to use the first two. And I’ve lived in Sydney my entire life, so I guess I don’t really understand why people fall in love with Sydney, or Australia. It all seems rather ordinary to me. Maybe I need to go live some place else and then come back to see the beauty of it.

  12. The Envoy Avatar

    Hmm…I’m planning to move to Australia in a couple of years….so this is quite an insight.

  13. Joo Avatar

    Sup? Yeh I live in the goldfields in Western Aust, hot red dirt and lots of people from all over the world and the most racist people here are the ‘natives’ I reakon we do speak heaps of sh*t hey, true enuf if you ask me the old so called ‘aussie’ way of life is all but long gone, not entirely but close to it. I still wear stubbies in summer and a singlet ,oh and and a real aussie beer, VB! :). @ latrina , yeh I know of that as well, but we say it with a E and dont emphasize the Rrrr..

    Joo smile

    Btw Awesome blog!

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