What Aussies Love

I just realised that I’ve been in Australia for over 3 years now. Time sure flies and time for reflection. So, random things I notice #1: words and phrases Aussies (or at least Sydneysiders (or at least young Sydneysiders (or at least those around me))) particularly love to say:

  1. I reckon
  2. heaps (of?), e.g. thanks heaps, heaps cool
  3. mate
  4. hey? (used at the end of a statement)

Combining all of the above may or may not sound extremely Australian.

Also, the Middle Eastern people I meet outside Uni are very hostile.
A lot of Caucasians here are also closet and not-so-closet racists.
Australia is also not known for its flies for nothing.

I’m also sweating profusely at the moment but I still can’t help but love this place. What’s up with that?

13 thoughts on “What Aussies Love”

  1. Hey mate, I reckon heaps of people talk like this! Struth, you’d be fair dinkum normal if you spoke this way!

  2. i have a friend who’s been there for about 3 years too – and i really don’t think he’ll ever leave that place.

    seems like australia has something to make people fall in love and stay – and maybe that’s why i am so afraid of going there :)

  3. Awww my friend lives in Australia and she hates it. She’s originally from South Africa. She finds it too hot generally and is always complaining. She’s been living there a long time though I guess and would probably rather be in Japan.

  4. I have always wanted to visit Australia! That’s funny that they say “I reckon” there – I wasn’t aware of that! That’s what people here in the south (USA) say. :P

  5. My friend came back after she completed her degree in Melbourne. She loved it there but I think she loves being at home now too. Luckily for me, she didn’t start saying things I don’t understand. I also heard about the ‘racism’, which sounds kind of weird to me, because in Scotland I was never (not once) treated that way. I wonder if you prefer England or Australia?

  6. In Victoria we don’t say ‘hey’ at the end of a sentence so much – I think that’s more a NSW/QLD thing. I don’t see so much racism in Melbourne either, but then that could just be the people I encounter…

    Another couple of sayings:

    F*ckn’ Oath!!

    Bloody Oath!!


    You f*ckn’ beauty/ripper etc.

  7. A lot of the aussies on WoW use “mate”. It kind of annoys me. xD But I would love to visit the country one day. It looks so awesome.

  8. I only seem to use the first two. And I’ve lived in Sydney my entire life, so I guess I don’t really understand why people fall in love with Sydney, or Australia. It all seems rather ordinary to me. Maybe I need to go live some place else and then come back to see the beauty of it.

  9. Sup? Yeh I live in the goldfields in Western Aust, hot red dirt and lots of people from all over the world and the most racist people here are the ‘natives’ I reakon we do speak heaps of sh*t hey, true enuf if you ask me the old so called ‘aussie’ way of life is all but long gone, not entirely but close to it. I still wear stubbies in summer and a singlet ,oh and and a real aussie beer, VB! :). @ latrina , yeh I know of that as well, but we say it with a E and dont emphasize the Rrrr..

    Joo :)

    Btw Awesome blog!

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