You Know You’re Screwed When…

You know you’re screwed when you have an exam in less than 12 hours, you’re not even halfway through revision and the lecture slides are starting to look like this to you:

This may or may not be a vandalised slide
This may or may not be a vandalised slide

And instead of doing anything about it, you blog.






2 responses to “You Know You’re Screwed When…”

  1. Aisling Avatar

    Meh, I’m sure you’ll do fine. Revision is a bit like cheating, anyway, isn’t it? YOU SHOULD KNOW IT ALREADYYYYY! tongue

  2. Monica Avatar

    HAHAHA, too true. I’ve just had 3 exams – one more left. I only just started “studying” for the last one 1 hr ago and I’m bored already!


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