This Sagittarian Disapproves

If I first claim to be a highly logical, scientific and secular person and then jokingly tell you that my hips and thighs are Sagittarian features, the correct response that would earn the highest approval rating from me would be to (jokingly) point out how hypocritical, illogical, unscientific and superstitious of me to say that — which I’m not really, mind. Also, my hips and thighs are fine.

My friend? He said: “oooh no wonder”.

Vickie disapproves (-18) I should stop playing Dragon Age: Origins.






9 responses to “This Sagittarian Disapproves”

  1. Mar Avatar

    Dragon Age for the win smile

    1. Vickie Avatar


  2. Jonathan Avatar

    Dragon Age: Origins is awesome and I liked your comment saying “Vickie disapproves (-18)”. Never thought I see someone use that in a blog post, made my day.

  3. Zanna Avatar

    I think Dragon Age: Origin’s the most addictive game I’ve played for quite a while. Me and my friends have enlightening discussions where we should “enchantment” with glee, repeatedly.

    Z approves (+5)

    1. Zanna Avatar

      (“should”…? What was I thinking? *confused stare* … I meant “shout”, of course.)

      1. Vickie Avatar

        Don’t worry; Morrigan disapproves either way. lol

  4. Cara Avatar

    *whistles* I haven’t seen vickiepedia in a while, but this layout is good. Very very good. My favorite thing is the search box. I didn’t think it was real but then I clicked on it. I’m ah-mazed!

    I’ve really want to try out Dragon Age: Origins. And Sims 3. And and and… a whole bunch of other games that also costs money.

    I’m sure your hips and thighs are fine, by the way.

  5. Jenny Avatar

    I think I’ve heard of DA… not sure though.

  6. Annika Avatar

    When my friends don’t understand a comment or saying I’ve said, their usual reaction is much the same as your friend’s “Ohh, no wonder”. Makes me want to facepalm.

    I have Dragon Age Origins! …. I just haven’t gotten around to playing it. In my defense, it runs like crap on my computer.

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