Music (Ad) that Moves

I randomly came across these 30-second ads by the Hong Kong Sinfonietta on YouTube while I was looking to expand my Schubert collection. Let me just say this: I. Absolutely. Love. Those ads! Love! Description of videos provided below each one if you can’t/don’t want to view them or don’t understand Cantonese.

Video 1 (Beethoven)

Beethoven(-lookalike) straggles down the street whistling (Beethoven’s) Symphony No. 5, one trouser leg shorter than the other. Camera zooms to his legs with noises of flies around, he scratches one leg with the other foot. Camera zooms up, his hair is grey and messy. He continues down another street and a passerby does a double take. A policeman approaches him around the corner and asks to check his ID card. Beethoven reaches for his ID, dropping his tissue, keys, more keys, coins and everything in the process, and hands the police the ID.

Narrator (while Beethoven is shoving all the crap he’s dropped back into his pockets): Beethoven was known to be a very messy person. So why do you think classical music is pretentious now?

Video 2 (Mozart)

Mozart(-lookalike) flamboyantly hops into a barbershop. He greets the barber by rubbing his face, laughs out loud as he reads a comic book and switches his wig with the toupee of the man next to him who’s nodded off.

Narrator (while Mozart is laughing and playing with toupee in mirror): Mozart was known to have a playful personality. So why do you think classical music is only serious now?

Video 3 (Schubert)

Schubert(-lookalike) is in a small and shared bedroom with two other men in their undershirts. All three men have no shoes on and are eyeing a pair of shoes in the room. They play rock-paper-scissors and one man wins. Schubert and the other loser look frustrated as the winner happily claims the shoes.

Narrator (while Schubert and the other man watch the person with the shoes walk out): Schubert was known to be completely broke. So why do you think classical music is something reserved for the rich now?

And I Say

And that’s classical music, seriously! I’m sick of people telling me that I have a refined, elegant, pretentious, strange or what-have-you taste in music. What I like is very much like what you like. If you (don’t) like it, you (don’t) like it. If you (don’t) understand the appeal, you (don’t) understand the appeal. It’s really just that.

Whoever came up with these ads should give themselves a pat on the back. Or quote this blog and redeem their voucher for a free hug/drink/more. lol






10 responses to “Music (Ad) that Moves”

  1. Melinda Avatar

    I love classical music too! I don’t have much of it because I always forget the names of composers though… tongue

  2. Ann Avatar

    I actually love those adverts. I need to show them to my friends. I’m such a classical music nerd. heart

  3. Tara Avatar


    And for those who says liking classical music makes me pretentious at its worst . . . Screw them. I don’t care if someone thinks I’m a snob for preferring classical over rap and R&B.

  4. Annika Avatar

    I have to say, I love these ads! I’ve never seen them before. My favorite of the three you posted would be the Mozart one. Had me laughing for a good few seconds. (dork)

    I don’t like that people “define” others by what they listen to. I listen to a well-rounded bunch of music, I think. Classical, techno, j-pop, (american) pop, boy bands, punk rock, heavy metal… Don’t just us for what we listen to, but for who we are.

    1. Vickie Avatar

      My favourite is Schubert’s. I almost believed that they actually really wanted those old shoes. Superb acting there. lol

  5. Kelly Avatar

    I like classical music as well. Those ads are brilliant!

  6.  Avatar

    I absolutely love these ads! I never would have seen them if I hadn’t stumbled upon your blog.

    Thank you so much for recommending these. I’m passing this on immediately!

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  8. Jones Scott Avatar

    Even though I do enjoy classical music to a certain extent, I quite agree with you on the notion that classical music as a whole is shoved down ones throat from the start – and hereby labeled elegant, rich, amazing etc.

    It definitely is a giant spoon whipping the butt “this is it”

    Although: classical music listeners are a special breed, as death metal listeners are a special type of people and techno-listeners are different. So its no wonder why it is like that.

    As for the adds? Glad you translated the last bit, or I would never have gotten the point.

  9. LadySkyeFyre Avatar

    Thanks for starting my day off on the right foot. When you get older nobody really cares what kind of music you like and classic rocks my boat.

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