Mystery of the Aussieland: Dim Sims

Dim sims. Or should I say, “dim sims”. The mysterious Australian-Chinese food that, as far as I know, doesn’t exist in the Chinese cuisine in Asia.

From left to right: Dim Sim (uncooked); Dim Sim (steamed); Dim Sim (shallow-fried).

Dim Sims (uncooked, steamed, shallow-fried)
Say cheese! No, no cheese.

Shut up, Dim Sim (burnt shallow-fried).






11 responses to “Mystery of the Aussieland: Dim Sims”

  1. Dee Avatar

    Yer. I wouldn’t be going to any kind of Asian restaurant in Australia expecting any kind of actual Asian food, hey. tongue

    Except maybe in certain parts of Chinatown, but then they write those menus in [insert applicable language here] so us dumb whities don’t order it by mistake. ^^”

  2. Tara Avatar

    Um . . . Those dim sims doesn’t look appetising . . .

    1. Vickie Avatar

      That’s probably just my picture; they’re quite decent. I don’t care much about food presentation. tongue

  3. kenwooi Avatar

    is that what they call dim sum in australia?

    1. No Avatar

      No. Dim Sum is a meal. A Dim Sim, as you can see by the picture, is very obviously a dumpling.

  4. Jenny Avatar

    those look… interesting. are they good?

    1. Vickie Avatar

      They taste a bit different from what I expected of something inspired by actual dim sums, but they’re not too bad. It needs a sauce (e.g. soy sauce) or at least salt, though.

  5. Hyony Avatar

    Now I’m hungry, the steamed one looks so good *-*
    What’s the filling? Meat or vegetables?

    I haven’t eaten real Dim Sums for a long time, definitely need some, now! lol

  6. Melody Avatar

    Are those inspired by dim sums? The shallow fried one actually looked quite nice. bigsmile I don’t think folks anywhere else can make dim sums as good as those in HK, but substitutes like this don’t hurt. ;D

  7. Kath Lockett Avatar

    As an Aussie, I must say that I loathe dim sims. They are a truly disgusting object that one can only very optimistically call ‘food’ and make me wonder if they’re not the excess left in the vets’ rubbish after a busy day of neutering….

  8. ohmywtf Avatar

    I love dim sum! Steamed, or shallow-fried! smile

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