Mystery of the Aussieland: Dim Sims

Dim sims. Or should I say, “dim sims”. The mysterious Australian-Chinese food that, as far as I know, doesn’t exist in the Chinese cuisine in Asia.

From left to right: Dim Sim (uncooked); Dim Sim (steamed); Dim Sim (shallow-fried).

Dim Sims (uncooked, steamed, shallow-fried)
Say cheese! No, no cheese.

Shut up, Dim Sim (burnt shallow-fried).

11 thoughts on “Mystery of the Aussieland: Dim Sims”

  1. Yer. I wouldn’t be going to any kind of Asian restaurant in Australia expecting any kind of actual Asian food, hey. :P

    Except maybe in certain parts of Chinatown, but then they write those menus in [insert applicable language here] so us dumb whities don’t order it by mistake. ^^”

    1. No. Dim Sum is a meal. A Dim Sim, as you can see by the picture, is very obviously a dumpling.

    1. They taste a bit different from what I expected of something inspired by actual dim sums, but they’re not too bad. It needs a sauce (e.g. soy sauce) or at least salt, though.

  2. Now I’m hungry, the steamed one looks so good *-*
    What’s the filling? Meat or vegetables?

    I haven’t eaten real Dim Sums for a long time, definitely need some, now! xD

  3. Are those inspired by dim sums? The shallow fried one actually looked quite nice. :D I don’t think folks anywhere else can make dim sums as good as those in HK, but substitutes like this don’t hurt. ;D

  4. As an Aussie, I must say that I loathe dim sims. They are a truly disgusting object that one can only very optimistically call ‘food’ and make me wonder if they’re not the excess left in the vets’ rubbish after a busy day of neutering….

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