Vickie in the Middle

The tragic tale of [spoiler] after the “read more” break (or under this if you’re reading from the feed), in comic form! Here’s a preview:

I didn’t take out the pencil sketching. It’s called laziness STYLE.

Comic starts here:

Disclaimer: This blog does not condone murdering narrators.

13 thoughts on “Vickie in the Middle”


    This comic is too funny.

    Though, I’m sorry you have night owls and early birds as neighbours. That gotta be rough.

    I’m guessing you don’t move around much when you sleep? I don’t dare hold my phone and sleep since I roll around my bed and I’m bound to crush my poor phone LOL.

  2. Perhaps you should politely ask your neighbours to be a but more quiet during the night? And your other neighbours to be a bit more quiet during the morning?

    I know what you mean though. My brother is in the room next to me, and he makes weird-ass noises in his sleep that make it difficult for me to sleep.

    1. Easier said than done, just… much easier said than done. I know one side of the neighbours would be much less of a problem for me if they keep their back door closed and lift their feet when they walk around in the backyard; but just how do I ask them to change that for me? :/

  3. You could try earplugs, I used them once and you really don’t hear anything anymore xD

    Do you really sleep with your phone in the hand? xD

    1. Some…sometimes. I mean, everyone sleeps with their phone in their hand once in a while, right…? No…? Fine.

      1. My phone is located next to my pillow, could be possible that I holded it once, but eh, no xD

    1. I did draw it. I wouldn’t post this crap if someone else did. And it’s all in my trademark hair, isn’t it? XD

  4. This is impressive and I love your drawing style. DRAW MORE PLZ.

    Being stuck in the middle sucks, but I am kind of glad that those noises weren’t sex noise or something because that’d be worse..

    But Vickie, hot milk? It’d supposed to help you sleep a bit better.

    1. Actually, they heard my sex noise. For real. They wouldn’t have been able to hear it (as clearly) if they closed their back door, though.

      Hot milk before bed sounds like I’ll need to wake up during the night to pee! XD

  5. Impressive drawing skills. My phone is my alarm clock and since I’m a heavy sleeper, I have 5 rings. My mother snores though which is why I moved to the basement. It’s warmer too :) I hope you snooze soon.

    I read your profile and was curious: play WoW?

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