Vickie’s Cooking Adventures

Because everyone 3 people said my last comic was well-drawn well-presented (friend’s actual correction) and told me to draw more, I drew more.

Comic starts here:

Bonus feature(?):

This is what my imaginary friend was going to look like. His name is Edward and he’s a celebrity chef. He was scrapped due to budget(???).

My Imaginary Friend, Edward
My Imaginary Friend, Edward

P.S. Oops, I accidentally put a cup over that paper.

P.P.S. If a video blog is a vlog, is a comic blog a clog?

P.P.P.S. This will most likely be the last clog of this style, because my graphics tablet should arrive next week! Yay! bigsmile

6 thoughts on “Vickie’s Cooking Adventures”

  1. *dies laughing* You, my friend, are ingenious. I love your comics! They are just witty and awesome!

    Yay for your tablet coming! I hope to see more clog posts from you! <3

    1. Sure? What style do you want it in and what do you currently look like, though? I’m the only person who never changes her hairstyle. XD

  2. I could put my face on you body, I suck at cooking, the only things I can cook are varietes of eggs and Okonomiyaki xD

    I need a white cabbage for the Okonomiyaki (is there a short word for it? xD) which I want to cook this weekend, but I don’t know how that stuff looks like D: …I hate vegetables, but if I cut it into really tiny pieces I can eat it xD

    Oh and I love your drawing style, your expressions are great! :D …xD Want more of them! ^-^

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