A Deviant Experiment

My deviantART account is at least 3 almost 4 years old. I don’t remember what prompted me to register an account there seeing that I absolutely do not consider myself an artist and had no intention to upload anything back then.

Last night, I uploaded a rough, not-very-anatomically-accurate, digital sketch of the nosebleed-inducing Desire Demon from Dragon Age (NSFW) to my scrapbook, which is partially an excuse to draw naked women experiment to see if T&A on an unknown and otherwise empty dA account can really get the Mad Keen Hits™ Dee mentioned.

It’s been around 21 hours since I uploaded it and there are 32 views at the time of writing. Subtract the 2 comments/views and 5 possible views from the 5 people who read my blog, and taking diminishing returns into account… the resulting number should be a pretty accurate one of the Mad Keen Hits™ that scrap received on N days after it’s uploaded.

I marked it as mature content, by the way; you’d need an account to view it.

And then I realised that must be precisely the reason why I registered a dA account three four years ago.

Vickie, you dirty person!

11 thoughts on “A Deviant Experiment”

  1. Well, your 32 hits beats my 30 that this pic has gotten since March 30. And I submitted it to some groups and all (and it wasn’t submitted to Scraps, which are kinda hidden compared to the “main” galleries)… :P

    Damn you, T&A! *shakes fist*

  2. She’s hot and you should do a line-art of the doodle and colour her! :D

    You really have talent, I’ll (dev)watch you ^-^

    1. Thank you! :D I might turn this into a proper thing; but I’ll need to find better reference pictures or even replay the game. Don’t want to do anything serious then find out that I drew everything wrong. It’ll haunt me for the rest of my life. XD

  3. Darn! I hate making new accounts – am an account-creation phobic (if it doesn’t exist, I’m making that phobia up :P).

    That aside, I see no reason why anyone would be surprised. I mostly read graphic explicit yaoi manga. Used to read regular hentai, but the former’s so much more explicit. :B

  4. I registered a DA account years ago but I haven’t touched it really. And I lack the ability to draw anymore so it’s kinda useless to me now. xD

  5. Seeing as you’ve registered to dA for T&A, I assume you’re an active member of HF, yes?

    If not, welcome aboard. :D

    I think there’s nothing anatomically incorrect going on in that piece you’ve submitted, btw… save for the mad bush ‘tween the legs that I assume is not actually MEANT to be a bush…

    1. I couldn’t tell what she’s wearing initially because of the low quality of screenshots out there; but I later found out that she’s supposed to be wearing some sort of silky layered pants, not some sort feathery dress thingy as I guessed. So yeah, it isn’t meant to be any mad bush between her legs. :P

  6. 32 views in less than 24 hours is quite a decent count, me feels. (; Heh, your little experiment only further proved one point (which I think already the whole world knows) – nekkid girls DRAW attention! Woohoo!

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