I Painted This

Cybil Covers Cleavage
Cybil Covers Cleavage

… and I shouldn’t have. Not while I have 10 more papers to write.

But whatever.







9 responses to “I Painted This”

  1. Katy Avatar

    It looks good! You’re so talented.

  2. Matt Avatar

    Maybe she’s fishing around in the water for the button that just popped off of her shirt. At least, that’s what I see…

    Oh wait, nobody asked what she was doing in the water in the first place…

  3. Jenny Avatar

    that is fucking awesome!! wow. i’m jealous now LMAO i haven’t been able to draw like that for about 6 yrs…

  4. Jem Avatar

    Woah. You know that’s bloody awesome, right?

  5. Paige Avatar

    With talent like that your papers can afford a pause wink

  6. Erik Avatar

    I wish I had your ability to do life-like shading. You are talented. Don’t let papers get in the way of talent and don’t let talent get in the way of papers. bigsmile

  7.  Avatar

    Just a professional can paint something like this ! Great painting !

  8. BeiBei Avatar

    u can be a painter!!
    u r so great!!!

  9. Lisa Avatar

    Looking nice. I can sense her presence. (It’s that good!)

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