Meanwhile in Vickieland

At first I was like, 'Blah blah blah blabbity blah blah blah blah'

But then I was like, 'Bl-EEEEEEEEEEEEE'

And then I was all, 'Haha, foot cramp. So random'

And that’s why I haven’t been blogging (wut).

True story.







10 responses to “Meanwhile in Vickieland”

  1. Hyony Avatar

    Ugh I’m not blogging that much too.. current reason – DA: Origins lol Other reasons – boring life.. nothing interesting to blog about lol

    Nice drawings btw. bigsmile

    1. Vickie Avatar

      You’re playing Dragon Age! Yay! bigsmile

  2. Aisling Avatar

    Hahaha. Thanks for the amazing explanation. tongue

    1. Vickie Avatar

      But it doesn’t even make sense! lol

      1. Aisling Avatar

        That is unimportant.

  3. Jenny Avatar

    Haha that is awesome bigsmile Blogging is over-rated anyway lol

  4.  Avatar

    nice blog!~

  5. JhTham Avatar

    nice one…i like this post smile

  6. Tara Avatar

    WUUUUUUUUUUT. How did I NOT comment on this?!

    Please excuse my lateness!

    Meanwhile, I have to say that your coblogs are awesome. You definitely need to do more comic-blogging! lol

  7. Dayna Avatar

    Great drawing! I love the colours and you officially have 3000 words there. tongue

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