But Of Course I’m Just a Whiny Attention Seeker

But Of Course I’m Just a Whiny Attention Seeker







5 responses to “But Of Course I’m Just a Whiny Attention Seeker”

  1. Tara Avatar


    I’m sorry you feel like this! sad

    You shouldn’t! T____T

    Seriously. And you’re not an whiny, attention seeker!

  2. MK Avatar

    *hugs you* the second one makes me think of all the communication theory I learned about how the west thinks of asia

  3. Tracey Avatar

    I want to give you a very big hug. *BIG HUG* And for good measure, *ANOTHER BIG HUG*

  4. Coolgame Avatar

    You’re much better than those crappy tasks that fold to the ideals of racism.

    Do not let yourself down by them because otherwise it would be their great pleasure to see you so demoralized that you could do the shit by showing them they have wrong in thinking that way.

    With courage and patience, you will be rewarded, believe me! *BIG HUG*

  5. o Solei o Avatar
    o Solei o

    Pretty brave of you to put this all down in writing.

    I hope there are ways for you to exercise a little more strictness with the people you are confiding in in the second to last pane, help condition them to take advantage of your kindness less casually. (Or that you meet some awesome people who will spoil you to friendships that aren’t mutually that kind.)

    Also, wish there was a way for blog replies to not sound so… fruitlessly Halmarky? (Shameless abuse of literary license.)

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