A supposed friend just told me that it’s understandable and somewhat acceptable for a straight man to punch a gay man who hits on him. By their logic, it’s also understandable and somewhat acceptable of me to punch a straight man who hits on me.

Now excuse me, I have a backlog of straight men to punch.






7 responses to “Backlog”

  1. MK Avatar

    hahaha maybe I should adopt the same hahahaha

    1. Vickie Avatar

      Ya, if it applies to you as well. I prepared to explain what pansexuality is; that I’m not “changing my mind”, only eventually realising it to be a more accurate title; that I’m not rejecting the bisexual label because of the stigma, but because there are more than two sexes and genders; and so on…

      Yeah, I carefully thought about it. tongue

  2. cynthia Avatar

    We were having a convo at work once about how people think “gays caused Katrina.” This guy comes up to our desk and goes, “Yup, they did.”

    Insert shock and silence from student workers.

    1. Vickie Avatar

      Teh gays have so much power, and they still have that DADT policy?

  3. Vera Avatar

    I like that idea (of you punching people tongue ), I suggest you start with your friend. You know being close and all: I’m sure he’ll appreciate it. Oh wait… didn’t he/she… ? Eh, just a minor detail. wink

  4. Elia Avatar

    no, I’d say punching those who hit on you unwanted is a perfectly reasonable reaction… quite opssibly starting with the friend who told you this wink

  5. Franky Avatar

    excuse me as i intrude to make an ass out of myself.

    you know, in situations like these, there’s always one thing i counter with,

    “if it’s so difficult for you to be called on for being gay, then your probably really insecure about your sexuality”. personally, i’m technically ‘bisexual’, though i’ve never truly considered having a relationship with another male. i just simply don’t make it some blasphemous concept. but aside from myself, i think the most epic thing that ever happened from saying, “well, is that really an impossibility?” was someone going apeshit and disconnecting from final fantasy xi while in the midst of an experience points party.

    oh, those were the years.

    oh! you’re probably wondering who the hell i am.

    i remembered about your blog ages ago (a ‘backlog’ of comments on a really, really old blog post i made. ohohoho. witty i know.) and decided to visit. thought your recent post was a good opportunity to make a somewhat cynical and sarcastic comment, so i did so.

    so hullo. my name’s franky. tongue

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