Definitely a Train

Little-Known Fact about Me

*Get over it! Amirite?

And so I met up with fellow bloggers Amanda, Belinda and Chrasy/Tracey/spelling a million days ago, but, thankfully, panel 3 didn’t happen.

But they’ve also not mentioned anything about meeting up with me so I’m pretty sure it was something I said during. Or maybe it’s something I didn’t say. Or maybe because I didn’t eat while I was with them. Or maybe because I was just all-around awkward.

Social interactions. *shudders*

P.S. Turns out when you put “eating out” in quotes, it will come out totally wrong.

10 thoughts on “Definitely a Train”

  1. Hey Vickie! It was nice meeting you! Don’t worry if you’re not comfortable about eating around people, if they’re your friends they shouldn’t care. I certainly didn’t mind (I thought you just didn’t want to eat at a pub)! And maybe one day you’ll feel comfortable enough to maybe snack a bit at least? Or not! It doesn’t matter!

    (I’m not stalking you or anything, your entry just appeared on my RSS feed as I was looking at it. o_o How’s that for socially awkward?)

    1. It was nice meeting all three of you, too! You were all much nicer than I imagined! Wait. No. I mean, like, not that I thought you weren’t nice people, but I thought I’d feel more uncomfortable and self-conscious. Okay, never mind. :P

      But yeah, that’s another issue. People usually think I’m just being impolite and publicly displaying my dislike for the place or food they choose. It’s really hard to explain to someone who has never experienced any of this…

  2. I am like this too! It’s not really a social thing, but a mental issue I have with food, haha.

    It’s unfortunate because I love food and I love “eating out” (er.. yeah, awkward). A lot of the time I will get a meal I think will be yummy, pick at it, and then smuggle it home where I can enjoy it in peace!

    I love your comic. :D

    1. Thanks! :D

      I usually have so little appetite I don’t/can’t even order outside. But as soon as I get home? I’ll immediately regret not ordering. I remind myself I’ll feel this way all the time, but it just doesn’t work. :(

  3. hahaha, the PS made me actually LOL. love when that happens :)

    unlike you, i do not have this problem. i stuff my face and spill food everywhere :( sigh. perhaps you’re better off!

  4. hahahha :-) I have sort of the opposite problem.
    Speficically for me I find it really hard to eat alone specially in public (I have no problems eating alone infront of the TV or computer though). Though college has helped me to somehow think the habit is normal… still is awkward

  5. Gosh I wasn’t here for ages D:

    When I’m eating out I have the feeling people watching me :X So I choose always a seat where the people won’t see me eating xD

  6. I do the same thing. I tend to inhale my foods so when I’m out with people (other then my mom or husband) I either nibble at stuff or don’t eat all xD

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