You Should See a Doctor about That

Hey Dr Freud,

So I was recently playing Alien Swarm and couldn’t help but notice something that might be of interest to you. These images were collected from different teams of self-identified male subjects within a very short period, and there’s no shortage of them.

Attached are the files in question.

P.S. Don’t get too excited, hey?



Terribly drawn 2D penis on map
Attachment 1
Terribly drawn 2D penis on map
Attachment 2
Terribly drawn ejaculating 2D penis on map
Attachment 3
Slightly better drawn ejaculating penis on map
Attachment 4






5 responses to “You Should See a Doctor about That”

  1. Mark Avatar

    lol… penile centrism…. is just freakishly childlish and I don’t understand it

    1. Vickie Avatar

      Me neither. Based on their usage of the word “gay”, a lot of these presumably kids are also presumably not gay or at least don’t want to come off as gay. So… what’s with this penis-drawing obsession?

      1. Mark Avatar

        you should come to my college hahahaha smile even after 40 years of co-education its still not that different

  2. Hyony Avatar

    C’mon the 4th isn’t a penis, it’s a chef lol ..really, I thought it would be a chef angry

    Boys are always like that, even in our class who everyone is at least 18 years old lol

    1. Vickie Avatar

      Eh, how did I miss this comment until now?

      I tried to convince my brain the 4th one was a chef. My brain says, “Naw, it’s a peen.”

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