Hardware Killer for Hire

Here lie once-treasured hardware and tools: replaced by functioning or newer counterparts; immediately never forgotten. RIP, you lot.

Old Hardware and Phone
Old Hardware and Phone

Notable deaths:

  • Keyboard: Death from poisoning drowning. A cockroach crawled on it so I sprayed it. And by “sprayed it” I meant I emptied half a bottle of bug spray into it.
  • Earphones: Stomped to death. Clean one-hit kill.
  • PSU 1.0: Died when I shoved a screwdriver into it. Don’t ask. (This is not PSU 2.0, the one with the fan that died recently. I’m on 3.0 now.)
  • Motherboard (micro): Capacitor leaked, motherboard caught fire, panic ensued.
  • Floppy disc drive & non-smartphone: I’m too young to know what these are. *blinks*






4 responses to “Hardware Killer for Hire”

  1. will Avatar

    >PSU 1.0: Died when I shoved a screwdriver into it.

    Geez, you could of killed yourself, too, right there.

    1. Vickie Avatar

      It wasn’t plugged in but you’re absolutely right… There was a spark.

      How did I survive evolution?

  2. MK Avatar

    its hard to swallow but pretty soon my Anita (macbook) will join the graveyard beside by gameboy and psx as well sad

  3. Cynthia Avatar

    if I had a quarter for every pair of headphones I killed …

    we have a lot of random hard drives, graphics cards and mother boards hanging around. this stuff takes up so much space but i can’t just throw it out. T_T

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