So this happened during a Left 4 Dead 2 multiplayer campaign.

vickie i bet ur hot
vickie i bet ur hot

I ignored him and continued to play (casually noting to myself that I seemed to be the only person who knew how to play). After a while, I got vote-kicked. I found out they’re all friends of one another.

The sad thing of all this? I was actually surprised I only experienced this after a hundred hours or so of playing the game online, because I know I’m not alone.

Really, Straight Male GamersTM, is that how you want gay men to treat you, too?






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  1. cynthia Avatar

    exactly why i don’t announce my gender. immature boys don’t need fodder.

    1. Vickie Avatar

      We shouldn’t have to hide our names to play and enjoy games. Also, I usually use a mic on there like many others because that’s the most effective way to play, so people will eventually find out anyway. On a brighter note, I have met a lot of really nice people on there — female and male gamers (and possibly others/something in between)!

  2. Liza Avatar

    This is the reason I don’t chat when playing any game with a chat box. P:

  3. Jenny Avatar

    I got this shit when I was playing SC V… then when I kicked all their asses they threw me out of the room LOL

    Just proves women are better at EVERYTHING!!

  4. Tips sehat Avatar

    Haloo im adam from indonesia…i like your blog

  5. Michael Avatar

    I found that the most Gamers, are so idiotic.
    They think woman buy the game to learn some new in there words “sex partners” .
    I dont think so. They live in they own world and when something different happend (a woman join the server) they feel something for her, because they have one interesing so maybe they think: maybe i could get a girl.
    (What ? get a girl in a game ? Go in a fucking Disco!!) Thats the Problem why many Girls dont say anything, thats why so many people think thats the game scene is still full of “Men´s”
    I found this terrible because so the game world will never changed and only “mens” play. For me are womans also good as Mens. My Guildlead was a Woman and she do her job better then 10 other mens as example. i want to get achivments, i want to play with each other but one thing i want more: Fuck of the Sex of a human if anyone is good he´s invited to play with me if he want it too. If he is bad he can ask me if i could help !Woman and Men!.

    I wirte it down to present you that not every Man think so,
    I am sry 4 many Mistakes i done,because i am from an another Country.
    Peace wink

  6. Rogork Avatar

    I don’t think it’s a matter of gender to those assholes, it’s much more about the need to verbally abuse others in order to feel superior and feed their ego or something of the sorts.

    I play League of Legends regularly, and one of the most common things I see is someone who is not doing so well flaming someone who is doing worse.

    Honestly though, assholes will be assholes, and as a wise Krogan once said: “The greatest insult an enemy can suffer: To be ignored.”

  7.  Avatar

    Stop playing game with teenaged boys!!! Mature guys might try to take a pass at you, but they will at least respect you when you turn them down.

  8. o Solei o Avatar
    o Solei o

    “Really, Straight Male GamersTM, is that how you want gay men to treat you, too?”

    I honestly think that a large amount of homophobia stems from an understandable fear of that. Guys know that guys do that, whether they themselves stoop to that level of fail or not. The prospect of not only being objectified (which men have little experience with), but also hounded by that kind of creepiness terrifies them.

    Moving that from theory to experience, I have had a number of creepy guys hound me with that nonsense when I was younger. (To the point of threatening to garrote a guy with the beach-towel I was carrying when he tried to follow me home.)

    I really have no solution to that, other than Rogork’s awesome quote. I honestly think that a lot of the creepy woman hate that those players exhibit stems from years of violent rejection due to wildly impaired social skills and character flaws. See a female gamer, get needlessly hopeful, get hopes crushed by personal inability, rage and insult to attempt to even the score and console crippled ego.

    Also, Rogork – best quote ever. bigsmile (And soooo true too.)

    Sickley, I have noticed no direct correlation between age and maturity.

  9. Nonna Avatar

    but vickie i bet ur hot!!111

    Sadly this is something that most female gamers have to put up with, really. Even if you don’t announce it to the world that you’re OMGGURL, via some magic some asstwat will find out and suddenly everyone knows. I’ve survived thus far by simply going along with it and throwing abuse right back at them — never been thrown out of a gameroom, and now I’m seen as one of the guys — but women shouldn’t have to feel the need to get on their toes and get defensive just to enjoy a goddamn game.

    My significant other (who this time around is male) does get similar whispers to yours from other males, and he doesn’t seem too appreciative of them. Then again, he also gets those whispers from women. And yes, he is quite hot. And no, he still doesn’t appreciate them. So it’s not just a women-only issue, men do get harassment online as well, they just tend to wear it as kind of a badge of honor while women seem displeased by what we get. smile

    Also, do you not blog anymore? Have you been sucked in by the vortex that is Tumblr? Where ARE you? I used to be a very active stalker on this blog — never actually commented but that’s an insignificant detail — and I had to come see what had happened when you stopped showing up on my feed reader!

  10. Carrie Avatar

    This is why I choose not to chat with people I don’t know, or a lot of men for that matter. I actually thought I’d give someone a chance tonight and I added this guy on Facebook – just to accept a new friend. Then he started asking me questions like “Are you sexy?” Ugh. I blocked him. Couldn’t take it anymore.

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