Heard on the Radio: Sounds Like My Cue to Taste It

The radio program Hack on Triple J was covering the story of “Soylent” (nutritional meal replacement drink) tonight and this conversation happened early on between the interviewer Kaitlyn and interviewee Nathan:

Kaitlyn: […] First question Amelia asked me was: “What’s happened to his sh-[beep]-t?” Has it affected your bodily functions in a way that makes you go “That’s slightly different”?
Nathan: Yeah […] Me, personally, I didn’t have that problem in terms of, like, faeces [laughs] I’d say it’s probably a little bit… smoother? It goes out a little bit easier? [laughs] No, it’s fine. I hardly noticed any major difference.
Kaitlyn: That sounds like my cue to taste it. [laughs]

… I can’t be the only person who totally interpreted what she said the wrong way. tongue





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