Definitely a Train


Little-Known Fact about Me

*Get over it! Amirite?

And so I met up with fellow bloggers Amanda, Belinda and Chrasy/Tracey/spelling a million days ago, but, thankfully, panel 3 didn’t happen.

But they’ve also not mentioned anything about meeting up with me so I’m pretty sure it was something I said during. Or maybe it’s something I didn’t say. Or maybe because I didn’t eat while I was with them. Or maybe because I was just all-around awkward.

Social interactions. *shudders*

P.S. Turns out when you put “eating out” in quotes, it will come out totally wrong.

A Typical Minute in Vickieland

Earn ku PPP, oob!

Not shown: Kegel exercises.

There will be less/more/same amount of drawn crap once I get used to the graphics tablet. Maybe then my keyboard wouldn’t be keyless and my left arm wouldn’t be deformed and so on.

*Translation: Learn to PVP, noob!

Not Hired


That job interview is possibly the closest I’ll ever get to an actual job in this economy as an international student who knows very few people here.



I’m not crying; it’s my allergy. I have sand in my eyes. I was watching something sad just now.

Fine. I cried a little.

Vickie in the Middle


The tragic tale of [spoiler] after the “read more” break (or under this if you’re reading from the feed), in comic form! Here’s a preview:

I didn’t take out the pencil sketching. It’s called laziness STYLE.

Comic starts here: Continue reading