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  • All in Vein

    Alternative post title: The Day I Decided to Become a Plasma Donor. In school, they taught us all the things about blood type compatibility; about antigens on the surface of red blood cells, anti-A / anti-B antibodies, Rh positive / negative, phenotype and genotype, how O- is the universal blood donor, AB+ the universal acceptor,…

  • I Donated Blood, Apr 2015!

    It’s been half a year since I “>Japan ski trip. A friend asked what my motivation for regulation donation was. I honestly don’t know. It just seems like the right thing to do. smile

  • I Donated Blood, Oct 2014!

    Been a while since I’ve written a blood donation post! (Had another unlogged donation in May.) This time the snack pack came with the same brand of biscuit and Mars bar, but instead of the crisps like all previous times, I got a bag of pretzels. The lady at the mobile centre was also nice…

  • No More Blood Donation for a While

    The GP finally forbade me from donating any more blood this year. Fe 23.2 umol/L (7.0-26.0) TRF 2.8 (2.0-3.7) %Sat 36% (16-50) Ferr 10* ug/L (15-200) These results suggest iron deficiency. Yeah, 3 times in a year while underweight is probably overdoing it.

  • I Donated Blood, Part 3!

    Third time this year. The full 470ml this time, too! Yes! (I don’t think the lady next to me was feeling too well.)

  • I Donated Blood, Again!

    They still wouldn’t let me donate the full 470ml; I already put on 4kg since the last time! Got a pretty keyring with my blood type on it. Same junk food in the goodie bag, though.

  • I Donated Blood!

    This is my first time donating blood in Australia, second time in my entire life. I didn’t take any photos at the donation site, but this was what came in the goodie bag. Oi, I just donated almost half a kilo of blood. Don’t poison me now, too. tongue (They thought I was too thin…