Definitely a Train


Little-Known Fact about Me

*Get over it! Amirite?

And so I met up with fellow bloggers Amanda, Belinda and Chrasy/Tracey/spelling a million days ago, but, thankfully, panel 3 didn’t happen.

But they’ve also not mentioned anything about meeting up with me so I’m pretty sure it was something I said during. Or maybe it’s something I didn’t say. Or maybe because I didn’t eat while I was with them. Or maybe because I was just all-around awkward.

Social interactions. *shudders*

P.S. Turns out when you put “eating out” in quotes, it will come out totally wrong.

Vickie in the Middle


The tragic tale of [spoiler] after the “read more” break (or under this if you’re reading from the feed), in comic form! Here’s a preview:

I didn’t take out the pencil sketching. It’s called laziness STYLE.

Comic starts here: Continue reading