Quarryman’s Hotel, Pyrmont

An ex-colleague semi-moved on from the company earlier (it’s complicated) and told us he has loads of gossip from his new office to share. Office gossssip. He treated us to Quarryman’s Hotel at Pyrmont tonight. Office gosssssssip.

We grabbed a drink each (no alcohol for me, thank you) and ordered our food at the counter. We got the Quarrymans Platter ($18) for the table, the 200g Sirloin Steak deal ($15) off the Monday Specials menu, the Quarrymans Burger ($18), and the same burger but double the beef for me ($22), of course!

It was then a long wait. We had enough office gossssip to amuse ourselves, but not quite enough to distract from our increasing worry from noticing more and more patrons enter the outdoor area with a number in hand but not a single plate of food in sight. The second-hand smoke was also getting quite unbearable; alas, that’s a pub for you: indoor is always dark and noisy, and outdoor cigarette-smoky. We’re here for office gossssip, so it had to be the cigarettes.

Our food did eventually arrive.

Quarryman's Pyrmont: Quarrymans Burger (Double Beef)
Quarryman’s Pyrmont: Quarrymans Burger – Double the Beef ($22)

I had high hopes for the dish, it being the burger named after the place and having to wait quite a while for it and all. The double beef version came with two tall beef patties, provolone cheese and your typical burger veggies and relish between buns. A few entirely unladylike bites later, I concluded that the whole thing was rather tough and dry even with the slab of gorgeous, all melty provolone cheese atop each patty. The buns were also quite ordinary.

Quarryman's Pyrmont: Steak (Specials Menu)
Quarryman’s Pyrmont: 200g Sirloin Steak ($15 from Monday Specials)

I wondered if I should have ordered the Steak Monday specials 200g sirloin steak instead. $15 for the steak on a small bed of salad and chips, plus a beer or house wine as well. Good value!

Quarryman's Pyrmont: Quarrymans Platter
Quarryman’s Pyrmont: Quarrymans Platter ($18)

Meanwhile, our shared Quarrymans Platter came with cured meats (corned beef and prosciutto), cheese (cheddar and camembert), olives, pickles and toasted rye sourdough. It was all right.

Overall, I wish the burger I had was as juicy as our conversation, but thank you for the meal, semi-ex-colleague, let’s meet for some more office gossssip again soon!

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Sette Cafe, Eveleigh

The season of overeating is still going strong. As farewell for yet another contractor staff and an opportune end-of-year get-together, the boss took us to Sette Cafe located beneath the Channel 7 building for lunch. (I have a feeling I was very responsible for the venue change instead of our usual Club Redfern visit.)

The cafe has several sections and the menus have pretty much every item you could possibly think of, and more. Coffee? Burgers? Sandwiches made to order? International hot dishes? Sushi? Cakes and muffins? Salads? Yoghurt? Nut pots and other snacks? Sette has it.

Sette Cafe: Roasted Pumpkin with Salad
Sette Cafe: Roasted Pumpkin with Salad

Two tried the roasted pumpkin, one with a salad side and the other with chips, but thought the dish could be a bit more exciting than just that big chunk of pumpkin under the sauce. Meanwhile, several other colleagues came back to the table with their burgers on wooden serving boards and really enjoyed their meals.

For a cafe, I suppose the hot food is decent. The staff is also efficient and there are enough tables for big groups and small. I wish it would extend its typical cafe 4 pm closing hour, and the queueing system (or lack thereof) could be messy when the place is packed, but I can’t ask for everything now.

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