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  • Geek Time: GTX 970

    Took advantage of the eBay 20% off tech stuff promo (selected retailers only) earlier and grabbed a new graphics card from the Kogan store. I ordered at a time when the Qantas Points Online Mall was running their double points promotion as well. *explodes from bargain* It’s here! It’s here it’s here it’s here it’s […]

  • Schumann 1 & 2 at the Sydney Opera House

    Valentine’s Day! Sydney Symphony Orchestra! Sydney Opera House! Schumann! Mendelssohn! Dumplings! Or more coherently, Valentine’s Day Sydney Symphony Orchestra Opera House Schumann Mendelssohn dumplings! Oops. It’s a slightly rainy day that didn’t start out very smoothly, with one of my contact lenses deciding to rip and us having to make an extra trip back to […]

  • Geek Shmeek

    Geeking of the day. This fan: Into this case. … That is apparently not on the fan compatibility list so it won’t sit at the top nicely without hacks. The compatibility list is available everywhere online. Geek fail, but geek still used the fan in the desired place because she’s too proud to return it. […]

  • My New HTC One M8 is Here

    Old out-of-warranty phone not charging consistently + eBay 15th-anniversary site-wide 15% off + item delivery = one happy Vickie, with a big credit card bill next month! Transitioning from my old HTC One XL to the new HTC One M8 was made so smooth by using the HTC Transfer Tool app, it… almost didn’t feel […]

  • Management Shmanagement

    I picked up a cheap Cooler Master Storm Enforcer case from MSY 2 months ago(!) and finally got around to switching over to it from my old, crappy one. I don’t know why I resisted a bottom-mounted PSU case so much in the past. This really isn’t so bad. Cable management? What’s that? tongue

  • The oo.com.au Order Experience (2014)

    I needed a laptop for my upcoming overseas trip at the end of this month but my funds were very tight, so I was thrilled when I saw the huge list of manufacturer refurbished laptops on sale at oo.com.au at the end of the financial year. After a lot of research, I found the laptop […]

  • A Glimpse of My Childhood

    Mum decided to clean up my room back in Hong Kong that I no longer use since moving to Sydney. She asked what to do with these (photos all hers; unedited): Wow. Memories!