Hardware Killer for Hire

Here lie once-treasured hardware and tools: replaced by functioning or newer counterparts; immediately never forgotten. RIP, you lot.

Old Hardware and Phone
Old Hardware and Phone

Notable deaths:

  • Keyboard: Death from poisoning drowning. A cockroach crawled on it so I sprayed it. And by “sprayed it” I meant I emptied half a bottle of bug spray into it.
  • Earphones: Stomped to death. Clean one-hit kill.
  • PSU 1.0: Died when I shoved a screwdriver into it. Don’t ask. (This is not PSU 2.0, the one with the fan that died recently. I’m on 3.0 now.)
  • Motherboard (micro): Capacitor leaked, motherboard caught fire, panic ensued.
  • Floppy disc drive & non-smartphone: I’m too young to know what these are. *blinks*

So, Twinity

A Second Life resident I follow posted about this virtual world named Twinity a couple of days ago, so being the unemployed online-game / bandwagon / occasional virtual-world junkie I am, I jumped right on it.

Note: Quite a few resized or cropped screenshots after the cut. And as Second Life is the other virtual world I’ve actually spent enough time in, I’ll be making many comparisons throughout.

Right, so, signup. Twinity is meant to be a true-to-scale virtual replica of the real world, so not surprisingly, you can link your Facebook account to it. I initially signed up with my usual online name, but once I discovered that we can change our name any time by editing our profile on the website, I switched back to my common virtual world name (Naomi Skosh). So far, so good.

Twinity login screen showing a spacious living room, with the words "A Free Starter Apartment is awaiting you" on it.
Twinity login screen showing a spacious living room, with the words 'A Free Starter Apartment is awaiting you' on it. There *is* a starter apartment waiting for you once you complete enough steps in the welcome tutorial, but it looks nothing like the image. Nothing.

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Second Life Second Taste

Ladies and gentlemen, gentlewomen and laymen! It appears that the Vickie you know has rejoined Second Life at a very inopportune time. Then again given the way my life is going, any time is inopportune time.

What was I greeted with on the first day I re-logged in? Well, what else?

L Bohemian
TP goes to a sex animation section
N Arabello
May I suggest dictionary.com? ??????????

And of course the bajillion people who have little clue about tasteful body proportions.

I was also this close to upgrading and buying a Linden Home because this time I actually have a semi-plan to use the house, unlike last time when I randomly jumped on a cheap non-Linden land deal and was greeted by a chatty neighbour who made a lot of small talk and spent a lot of time having a lot of virtual sex with a lot of sound effects with her male companion in her/their home, so I ended up leaving the ground barren and mostly hid in my skybox building random things and testing animations… And it just totally dawned on me that having a semi-plan to use the land kind of has nothing to do with the neighbours you get.

But anyway, say hi if you have a Second Life too, yeah? *crickets*

So, Last Chaos

I didn’t give the free MMORPG Last Chaos much of a thought when an online friend first posted about it last year, because honestly, the screenshots weren’t particularly impressive and I was already busy with Guild Wars. When she posted again a few days ago about castle sieges (something I really enjoyed in Lineage II that Guild Wars didn’t give me) and marrying another character of the same sex in the game, however, I downloaded it right away!

[Brighter and glowy screenshots are ones with filtering turned on (max); darker and more jagged ones without.]

Game installed fine, ran fine, music and sound effects all zero by default but I immediately had the option to change everything on the character selection screen. So far so good! Until… character creation.

From left to right: Titan, Knight, Healer, Mage, Rogue, Sorcerer
From left to right: Titan, Knight, Healer, Mage, Rogue, Sorcerer

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Racist Fail

If you’re the average Guild Wars gamer who’s English-speaking, white, male, straight, young, doesn’t have a disability and so on, the worst insults that get thrown at you are probably the N word, “fag” or “gay”, and you’d probably go, “Whatevs! I’m not even black / gay.” and move on with your day.

If you’re like the rest of us, particularly those of us who run around with a Chinese character name but are absolutely and obviously not a bot or gold farmer, it’s not uncommon to encounter personal attacks from racists, even in the supposed safety of our own PVE district (Asia – Traditional Chinese).

3 months ago, I had these two Warriors in the Traditional Chinese district of Leviathan Pits, that came doing the taunt, point, shoo and laugh emotes as soon as I mapped in. Bear in mind that players have the complete freedom and choice to travel between any districts of the same area — their intentions were clear.

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Call for Aidan/Zho Fanfic and/or Porn

Aidan and Zho first met possibly in Kaineng Center, standing just within earshot of each other. There was no evidence of them interacting then and they went on separate ways later on, one off to befriend the Luxons and the other the Kurzicks.

Aidan and Zho in Kaineng Center

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