He Cooks: Fresh Squid


Richard caught squid. Richard cooked squid. We ate squid!

Not pictured: The squid tube after it was all cleaned out, which looked suspiciously like the squeezy mayonnaise bottle that we just bought and used to make the dipping sauce.

Dish rating: Ten out of tentacles!

He Cooks: Homegrown Butternut Pumpkins


Remember the pumpkins from his mum’s garden? They’re ripe! They’re ready! We took four home and tonight they turned into pumpkin soup and roasted pumpkin seeds!

The soup was amazing even though I wouldn’t let him put much in it (“NO POTATOES! NO SOUR CREAM! NO TOUCHING!). He was going to throw away the seeds at first, too, but ended up making a healthful and delicious snack out of them in the oven with a bit of olive oil, salt and cayenne pepper.

10/10; would eat again (if he prepares all the pumpkins like today!) bigsmile

He Cooks: Fresh-Caught Tailor


Dating an angler means occasionally I have to put up with his totally zonked out state from having been out fishing all previous night and/or early morning and then crashing super early, but sometimes it also means fresh fish for dinner, like tonight!

All prepared and cooked by him. Win! heart

Caught My First Fish!


Another gorgeous day spent with Richard and his 3 other friends for some picnic and light swimming at Jibbon Beach, and then fishing from the boat at Gannons Bay and Hacking River!

I caught my first fish ever! And second! And third!

Fish I Caught: Tailor, Baby Snapper, Trevally

Fish I caught: Tailor fish (left), Baby snapper (centre), Trevally (right)

Two we could keep and one devoured on the same night!

Trevally Dinner

Dinner is fresh self-caught trevally!

I really can’t thank Richard enough for everything. Next time: more fish, and even more sunscreen!

He Cooks: Chicken Tenderloin Schnitzels


Homemade chicken schnitzels with tenderloins, coated in the new panko breadcrumbs that Richard wanted to try! I felt like having cooked veggies tonight so I asked for a small salad with the schnitzels.

Homemade Chicken Tenderloin Schnitzels

Homemade Chicken Tenderloin Schnitzels

The coarser panko really crisped up much more nicely compared to the standard finer breadcrumbs, but how’s that for a small salad and a light dinner? tongue

He Cooks: Fresh Fish Sushi


Sushi made from fresh caught Australian salmon and flathead, handed to me on a plate while I just stood there and watched and occasionally washed a plate or two.

And that’s why I never complain when he ditches me for fishing trips. tongue

He Cooks: Best Taco Night Yet

Homemade Chicken Tenderloin Tacos

Taco Night: Chicken Tenderloins!

Best taco night yet! Chicken tenderloins and the last episodes of Breaking Bad, Season 4! I also started to do my lettuce differently (big leaves instead of shreds) so it’s easier to put on the tortilla. I’m liking this new way so far.