He Cooks: Homegrown Butternut Pumpkins


Remember the pumpkins from his mum’s garden? They’re ripe! They’re ready! We took four home and tonight they turned into pumpkin soup and roasted pumpkin seeds!

The soup was amazing even though I wouldn’t let him put much in it (“NO POTATOES! NO SOUR CREAM! NO TOUCHING!). He was going to throw away the seeds at first, too, but ended up making a healthful and delicious snack out of them in the oven with a bit of olive oil, salt and cayenne pepper.

10/10; would eat again (if he prepares all the pumpkins like today!) bigsmile

I See Tomatoes in the Future


Bags and bags of tomatoes soon to be harvested from his mum’s backyard! And pumpkins, and rhubarb, and beans, and basil, and more!

Occasionally they turn into less healthy treats like sugary muffins, but hey, you only live once.

His Mum Cooks: Homegrown Rhubarb Muffins


His mum was testing this muffin recipe made from her own homegrown rhubarb (she normally makes the crumble). I ate 6 of those tonight! Six! After two full plates of roast lamb dinner with all the starchy root vegetables!

A quick calculation told me the 6 muffins alone gave me over half a day’s worth of energy and at least 4 times the sugar I eat on a normal day. And I don’t even regret it! (But never again. tongue )

He Cooks: Pasta with Home-Grown Tomato Sauce


This wasn’t something very elaborate, but it’s the first dish (of hopefully many!) Richard ever cooked for me. Greatly appreciated; now forever immortalised.

Richard's First Dish for Me: Pasta

Delicious pasta with home-grown tomato sauce, pepperoni and green beans

The tomato sauce was home-grown, too! Super yum.

(I should have fixed the cutlery that he accidentally laid out wrong first. tongue )