Homegrown Tomato Infestation Rescue

When the boyfriend sends you an MMS like this one about the

Clearly it’s a call for rescue, and there’s only one way to help:

24 Homegrown Tomatoes

By eating 24 tomatoes in one sitting.

It’s only girlfriend duty.

The Tomatoes in the Future!


Delicious fresh homegrown magic!

I See Tomatoes in the Future

Bags and bags of tomatoes soon to be harvested from his mum’s backyard! And pumpkins, and rhubarb, and beans, and basil, and more!

Occasionally they turn into less healthy treats like

His Mum Cooks: Homegrown Rhubarb Muffins

His mum was testing this muffin recipe made from her own homegrown rhubarb (she normally makes the crumble). I ate 6 of those tonight! Six! After two full plates of roast lamb dinner with all the starchy root vegetables!

A quick calculation told me the 6 muffins alone gave me over half a day’s worth of energy and at least 4 times the sugar I eat on a normal day. And I don’t even regret it! (But never again. tongue )

When Life Gives You Lemons

Life’s little things make me happy. smile

Giant Homegrown Lemon
Giant Homegrown Lemon

Little things, or a big homegrown lemon that has just fallen off the tree from the boyfriend’s dad’s backyard, now mine!