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  • Fruit Platter and Flight Meal on Qantas Flight QF925

    Qantas QF925, 3-hour Cairns-to-Sydney domestic return flight, economy class. I didn’t realise how greasy my phone camera has become over the trip until I looked at these photos! The fruit platter I got on my flight to Cairns wasn’t quite a platter for variety. It got better on the return trip with 6 different fruits…

  • Sette Cafe, Eveleigh

    The season of overeating is still going strong. As farewell for yet another contractor staff and an opportune end-of-year get-together, the boss took us to Sette Cafe located beneath the Channel 7 building for lunch. (I have a feeling I was very responsible for the venue change instead of our usual Club Redfern visit.) The…

  • Set Lunch at Papi Chulo, Manly

    The season of overeating continues! Following our