Fruit Platter on Qantas Flight QF563

The fruit platter wasn’t available on my Sunday afternoon Sydney-to-Brisbane flight QF536 (flying for work, too, so that’s depressing), but for dinner on the Sydney-to-Brisbane QF563 flight back Monday night it was! The 1.5-hour flight was delayed. The fruit platter had: 1 strawberry, half a kiwi, 4 slices orange, 4 slices pink grapefruit (a first […]

Fruit Platter on Qantas Flight QF466 (and QF411)

Evening flight from Melbourne back to Sydney, QF466, after a whole day of inter-state work. The flight was later than I’d hoped– Deja vu… The fruit platter looks familiar. Deja vu… But we got a Lindt Lindor chocolate ball this time. I wasn’t given a chance to reject it, so here’s a pic. In the […]

Fruit Platter and Flight Meal on Qantas Flight QF128

Qantas 747-400 QF128, Hong Kong to Sydney international flight. I ordered the fruit platter, as usual. There’s a big tray of fruits for dinner and a small tray of fruits for dessert; I suppose I did order a fruit meal. But! Can I point out the small REAL MILK sitting in the tray? REAL MILK! […]

Q-Eat Order, Fruit Platter and Flight Meals on QF117

Qantas has a new Q-Eat programme available for pre-selection for international flights departing from Australia. I wasn’t quite curious enough, but Richard took up the online exclusive offer when I pointed out to him that there’s duck! On a flight! Economy class! This was available on our 9-ish-hour QF117 international flight from Sydney to Hong […]

Fruit Platter on Qantas Flight QF407

Sydney to Melbourne short domestic flight QF407; a full flight filled with business people, including yours truly. Special meal fruit platter was still available for order. Breakfast: a predictable small apple, banana and soy milk. I still don’t entirely know why they think people who choose to eat fruits would want soy or to avoid […]

Fruit Platter and Flight Meal on Qantas Flight QF121

QF121, Qantas short-haul international flight from Sydney to Queenstown, economy class. The flight was just over 2 hours, but I could still order the special meal fruit platter. Fruit platter: main platter in bigger chunks than usual with skin and rind; side bag contained small Red Delicious apple, small banana, dried cranberries (donated to Richard), […]