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  • Half Business Half Pleasure Work Play Trip in Cairns

    This is it! The long overdue actual post of my half business half pleasure work play trip in Cairns, referred to on so many previous posts! Richard joined me on the 7-day/6-night trip for full pleasure, and because he was the one with more knowledge of the place and more importantly free time, organised everything […]

  • What a Pain in the Neck

    We’ve been taking so many pictures together seated, sometimes I forget how tall he really is… I’m actually slightly above average height for an Australian woman!

  • Ross Noble – Tangentleman

    Ross Noble was as chill, random and tangential tonight at his Tangentleman show at Enmore Theatre as he’s over the radio, when we discovered his Australia tour (which was also the first time I’d heard of him as I don’t pay attention to stand-up comedies). Loved the audience interaction throughout. I preferred the first half […]

  • His Name is Richard

    A conversation that happened when I asked how much the different sushi we grabbed tonight cost, and he had no clue. Me: It’s nice to be rich and not care about a 10-cent difference. Him: This is the first time anyone has called me rich. Me: … Him: … Him: That would be a lie. […]

  • First Anniversary Dinner at Feast Buffet, Sydney CBD

    Half-year felt like only a while ago and we’re already celebrating our first anniversary. Richard took me to another feast — or Feast at Sheraton on the Park in the CBD, an international seafood buffet place that has been on my wishlist for a while. Vickie, seafood and dinner buffet? Hell yes! We had a […]

  • Schumann 1 & 2 at the Sydney Opera House

    Valentine’s Day! Sydney Symphony Orchestra! Sydney Opera House! Schumann! Mendelssohn! Dumplings! Or more coherently, Valentine’s Day Sydney Symphony Orchestra Opera House Schumann Mendelssohn dumplings! Oops. It’s a slightly rainy day that didn’t start out very smoothly, with one of my contact lenses deciding to rip and us having to make an extra trip back to […]

  • Birthday Dinner at Sydney Tower Buffet, Sydney CBD

    For my 21st birthday… I don’t know why you’re looking at me like that; I totally just turned 21. For my totally 21st birthday, Richard took me to a mystery dinner place in the CBD with a promise that it’s going to be an epic feed. I thought it would be an all-you-can-eat place because […]