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  • Pawgust 2018

    This August, Mayo (also known as “dog” on Twitter), Richard (also known as “partner”) and I are taking part in PAWGUST 2018 on behalf of Guide Dogs Australia. During the month of August, we will be walking at least 30 minutes a day for 30 days (that’s roughly 2km every day) to raise vital funds…

  • All in Vein

    Alternative post title: The Day I Decided to Become a Plasma Donor. In school, they taught us all the things about blood type compatibility; about antigens on the surface of red blood cells, anti-A / anti-B antibodies, Rh positive / negative, phenotype and genotype, how O- is the universal blood donor, AB+ the universal acceptor,…

  • I Donated Blood, Apr 2015!

    It’s been half a year since I “>Japan ski trip. A friend asked what my motivation for regulation donation was. I honestly don’t know. It just seems like the right thing to do. smile

  • Banana Bread After the Storm

    Did the decent thing of taking the washing down from the shared backyard for the neighbour, who was out at the time, before it stormed. Got this in return this morning:

  • Australia Day 2015

    In true Aussie spirit on this rainy Australia Day, I woke up super fatigued but still crawled out of the bed and eventually the house, and ended up partially helping a lady who spoke no English other than the words “Rockdale”, “Arncliffe” and “thank you” to get to her desired destination, Arncliffe, and later, rewarded…

  • I Donated Blood, Oct 2014!

    Been a while since I’ve written a blood donation post! (Had another unlogged donation in May.) This time the snack pack came with the same brand of biscuit and Mars bar, but instead of the crisps like all previous times, I got a bag of pretzels. The lady at the mobile centre was also nice…

  • I Donated Blood, Part 3!

    Third time this year. The full 470ml this time, too! Yes! (I don’t think the lady next to me was feeling too well.)