Tag: scenic: Sydney

  • Otford Lookout at Late Morning

    Late morning and a very hot spring (the season). Pretty view!

  • Oh Whale

    Richard spotted a few whales on his Oxfam training walk, so on this gorgeous 19°C day today, we had no excuse not to drive out to the Cape Solander lookout at the Kamay Botony Bay National Park. It was such a pleasant day the jacket came right off! Highlights of the event: whale jumped people…

  • Bats!

    There were more bats on the usual bat flight path tonight than what I’ve ever seen before! Literally ran out to take a photo. Beautiful sunset, too.

  • Cronulla Surf Beach

    The sky is so ridiculously blue and gorgeous.

  • Stormy Night

    Thunderstorm: nature’s light show! The best shots my little phone camera could do in the dark and through the insect screen, but god that storm was spectacular! (Slightly more spectacular because I was safe and dry inside. tongue )

  • Whale, Maybe

    Guess what we spotted while out for a brief walk without a proper camera? Whales! On a nor’easterly windy day where I could barely stand still! … I swear we did see whales. I just didn’t manage to capture them on the my phone camera while trying not to eat too much of my own…

  • The Coast Track

    It was another super pleasant and gently breezy 24°C day so there’s no excuse to stay in whatsoever! We decided to head out to the Coast Track at the Royal National Park for a bushwalk, and we certainly planned it a lot better than our last walk to Winifred Falls. tongue We started at around…