Oh Whale

Richard spotted a few whales on his Oxfam training walk, so on this gorgeous 19°C day today, we had no excuse not to drive out to the Cape Solander lookout at the Kamay Botony Bay National Park. It was such a pleasant day the jacket came right off!

Highlights of the event: whale jumped people cheered! Another whale jumped people cheered again! Yet another whale jumped… Whale watching is actually more fun than what this blog post suggests.

Cape Solander, Kamay Botany Bay National Park, Sydney
Whale Watching at Cape Solander, Kamay Botany Bay National Park

Also more fun than what this total lack of whale phone camera picture suggests…

Whale, at the very least, it’s definitely an improvement to last year‘s zero whale spotting!

Stormy Night

Thunderstorm: nature’s light show!

The best shots my little phone camera could do in the dark and through the insect screen, but god that storm was spectacular! (Slightly more spectacular because I was safe and dry inside. tongue )

The Coast Track

It was another super pleasant and gently breezy 24°C day so there’s no excuse to stay in whatsoever! We decided to head out to the Coast Track at the Royal National Park for a bushwalk, and we certainly planned it a lot better than our last walk to Winifred Falls. tongue

We started at around noon. Richard decided that Marley Beach shall be our halfway point so that we had enough time to do a short walk and back before it gets dark. We also brought our swimmers just in case.

We walked at a very comfortable speed and reached our halfway point on schedule, in about 2 hours. Walking back felt a lot easier.

I saw all the wildlife and animal tracks on the walk!

No, I don’t think I have taken enough pictures. Why do you ask? tongue

After the walk, we took a bit of extra time to drive down to Jibbon Beach for a quick dip. The tide was a lot higher than our last visit and the water was still a little cool. The number of boats there was also far lower than what Richard expected to see for the long weekend.

Such a lovely day out! I can’t wait to explore the rest of Sydney and the world!