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  • A Flash in the Pan

    “How much is in a serving size? Watch how much food you eat with these easy-to-remember references from everyday life.” Ah, so a typical shotgun shell is about the same size as a 28g sausage. And now the non-gun owning population of the world knows. #Murica rolleyes

  • Excuse Me Waiter, Is That Meat Quail or Dog?

    I’ve had an account on Eatability for a while but never got into it, because the site just didn’t quite have the same appeal to me as a blogger as Urbanspoon (soon to be Zomato). I randomly logged in after a million years to its new site design and review categories, and the first thing…

  • Seen in an English Forum

    Thanks, Anonymous. Almost snorted while trying to suppress a laugh at work.

  • Seen in Japan… Only in Japan

    Seen in Japan, and probably only in Japan. Oh Japan.

  • Seen in a Restaurant in Japan

    At least there’s an English sign for you gaijins who can’t read or speak even a lick of Japanese, so appreciate it, but never mistake!

  • Seen at the Australian Technology Park

    Even the Konami Code makes a wee bit more sense than this sign. See what I did there? A wee bit? Heh heh heh. I’m so funny.

  • Seen in a French Restaurant

    While we’re having dinner at a French restaurant (which everyone can quickly figure out which one), Richard looked amused and pointed us to the wall lamps while mentioning something about being possibly culturally inappropriate. We turned to look. That’s certainly another way to appreciate snails. tongue #culturallyinappropriate