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  • Hong Kong Trip July 2014: The Food

    A lot not pictured, but foods ticked off the list for this trip, in alphabetical order: Savoury: Curry fishballs (咖哩魚蛋) Fried dumpling (鍋貼) Pork chop bun (豬扒包) Seafood, Hong Kong style (海鮮) Siu mei, Hong Kong style roast meat (燒味) Steamed meat and vegetable bun (菜肉包) Sweet: Egg tart (蛋撻) Egg waffles (雞蛋仔) French toast,…

  • Japan Ski Trip Mar 2014: Misc Food Photo Dump

    I wish I had kept a better record of the various other restaurants we visited on our ski trip in Ishiuchi Maruyama other than the meals we had at the lodge we stayed at, or that Italian restaurant we visited near the summit. For now, this photo dump with captions will have to do!

  • Japan Trip Day 2: Sightseeing

    We got lucky! The weather cleared up today and we managed to do a bunch of sightseeing. We had to give up on a few on our list like the Tokyo Skytree due to time, but touristy stuff is usually more of a been there, done that deal, anyway. We didn’t start very early but…