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  • Japan Ski Trip Jan 2015: The Food

    Photo dump of food that didn’t make it into any other travel posts!

  • Japan Ski Trip Jan 2015: Hakuba, Nagano, Japan

    Japan Ski Trip Jan 2015: Hakuba, Nagano, Japan

    Geek fail! I never noticed that WordPress doesn’t keep draft revisions after an entry is published (my blank placeholder in this case; which makes total sense now that I think about it), so I didn’t think to keep a backup and lost a whole typed up entry pending photo upload. Let’s try this again. In…

  • Asian Cafe Bowl Bowl, Narita International Airport Terminal 2, Japan

    Richard has had various Japanese foods during the trip including tonkatsu, curry (cheated by having the two-in-one tonkatsu curry rice), ramen, karaage and yakiniku. The next on the list is sushi, and we wouldn’t accept any alternative, even if it means having airport sushi! There weren’t a lot of restaurants available after customs at Terminal…

  • Hotel Oak Forest, Hakuba, Nagano, Japan: Meals

    In true foodie spirit, I took a picture of almost every course I ate at the hotel we stayed at for the ski trip, and split the food section into this entry of its own! As mentioned in the post for Hotel Oak Forest (ホテル オークフォレスト) itself, the meals included in our ski package were…

  • Hotel Oak Forest, Hakuba, Nagano, Japan

    For my third ski trip in Hakuba (白馬), Nagano Prefecture (長野県), the 9 of us (later 8 as one left earlier) stayed at Hotel Oak Forest (ホテル オークフォレスト). Hotel Oak Forest: Access Hotel Oak Forest isn’t located conveniently near any slopes, which seems to be a common feature of all hotels and ryokans within the…

  • Seen in Japan… Only in Japan

    Seen in Japan, and probably only in Japan. Oh Japan.

  • Seen in a Restaurant in Japan

    At least there’s an English sign for you gaijins who can’t read or speak even a lick of Japanese, so appreciate it, but never mistake!