Japan Ski Trip Jan 2015: Hakuba, Nagano, Japan

Geek fail! I never noticed that WordPress doesn’t keep draft revisions after an entry is published (my blank placeholder in this case; which makes total sense now that I think about it), so I didn’t think to keep a backup and lost a whole typed up entry pending photo upload. Let’s try this again. In […]

Japan Ski Trip Mar 2014: Ishiuchi Maruyama, Niigata, Japan

Not even two months after the previous ski trip at Nozawa Onsen, the friends in Japan organised another one, the last trip of the season. It made sense for them to go because they’re from Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore; I was the only silly person who flew all the way from Sydney again. The […]

Japan Trip Days 4-6: First Time Skiing: Nozawa Onsen, Nagano, Japan

After dinner, our big ski group took the overnight bus to our destination ski resort. It was a long trip of over 8 hours. The bus stopped for multiple toilet and food breaks during the night, but all I wanted was a warm bed in a dark room for some proper shuteye. I don’t know […]

Japan Trip Day 3: Time Before the Ski Trip

We had some time to kill after we checked out and stored our luggage at Shinjuku Station. It was a ridiculously gorgeous day but we didn’t have enough time for more sightseeing, so we decided to do a little (window) shopping and went into the Shinjuku Takashimiya (新宿高島屋) department store nearby. The department store was […]