Japan Trip Day 3: Time Before the Ski Trip

We had some time to kill after we checked out and stored our luggage at Shinjuku Station. It was a ridiculously gorgeous day but we didn’t have enough time for more sightseeing, so we decided to do a little (window) shopping and went into the Shinjuku Takashimiya (新宿高島屋) department store nearby.

Ridiculous Gorgeous Weather in Shinjuku
Ridiculously gorgeous weather; probably not for skiing, though!

The department store was a 14-storey building and upon entering, a staff handed us a coupon that told us we could get a 5% discount if we showed our foreign passport at the register. Sweet! We actually did pick up more ski and winter gear from the shops and used that discount.

Engrish in Japan
“It will become a sweet going.”

And of course found many an item with Engrish printed on them. That’s right, folks. You now have full permission to make fun of my Engrish as well. tongue

We weren’t even in a dedicated cosplay store, but saw several aisles of cosplay items in the store. I took these pictures to tease my colleague who’s massively into Japanese culture and cosplay.

Later, I went into Uniqlo and for fun tried on two pairs of their home brand skinny jeans. I never expected them to be so comfortable. The legs were a bit long for me, but the staff offered to alter them for me in-store and allowed me to pick up within half an hour because I had to leave the area before dinner. I was highly impressed with their service.

Uniqlo Receipt
Uniqlo receipt for my alteration, to be picked up within half an hour!

Uniqlo needs to come to Sydney, right now!

Shinjuku Night Time
It’s already dark when we headed back out

It was already dark when we got out to meet up with our ski trip mates (all strangers to me) at Shinjuku Station to head to our group dinner, and then it was our bus trip to the ski fields. The night was only just beginning!





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